As freshmen, most of whom are new to the greater Cleveland area, we try our hardest to figure out the best places to eat on and off-campus. Based on price, menu selection, proximity and personal must-haves, I’ve picked my favorite places that you need to try before the end of freshman year. Here's where to eat at Case Western if you’re sick of eating at Leutner.

1. The Den: 

Have a midnight craving? The Den is the place to go. Located in the heart of the North Residential Village, Denny's serves greasy, hearty entrees to keep you going through the day or night. The Den has a special list of entrees that all count as a special meal swipe. Greasy food? Free Meal? Yes please. Some of my personal favorites are the guacamole chicken burrito and the classic mozzarella sticks with a side of buffalo sauce

2. Barrio:

Ask anyone on campus for the best tacos in Cleveland, and they’ll tell you Barrio. You can choose from tons of options to customize your taco to satisfy any craving you have. Not only is the food absolutely amazing, but the prices are student friendly. A regular taco is just three bucks (that’s less than a Starbucks latte). Barrio is located in the vibrant entertainment district of Downtown and is the perfect place to go on a night out. 

3. Algebra Tea House:

Algebra Tea House is a quirky tea house located in the authentic neighborhood of Little Italy. Its oddly shaped door draws you into a cozy yet culturally vibrant cafe. All the mugs, plates, and the cupboards were handmade by the owners. This family-run cafe specials in authentic mediterranean food for a price that is light on your wallet, but will leave you wanting more. Need a place to study or to hang out with your friends? I totally recommend Algebra Tea House. 

4. The Jolly Scholar:

One of the busiest places on campus on any given day of the week, The Jolly Scholar is the perfect laid-back bar and grill in the area. Their extensive yet elevated dinner food can please all your friends. Have nothing to do over the weekend? Jolly’s is the place to go. There is always something going on and you’re guaranteed a great time. They also take meal swipes. Game changer. 

5. Mitchell’s Ice Cream

For the best selection of authentic ice cream flavors, check out Mitchell’s. Mitchell’s Ice Cream is a local treasure that has an extensive list of ice cream flavors, sundaes, milkshakes and smoothies. No matter the weather or the day of the week, Mitchell’s is always crowded by Case students treating themselves to some much-deserved ice cream after a long day.