The vegan and vegetarian boom has hit over the past years, and the restaurant industry in Monterrey is catching up. With a great variety of options and a constantly growing demand, there's not a chance you'll be deprived as a vegan or vegetarian in Monterrey.

Everything from healthy, whole food plant-based choices to your favorite comfort foods veganized, to gourmet food, and even fast-food style meals, you could say that Monterrey really does have it all. See for yourself as you scroll down.  

1. Green Terrace

Photo courtesy of Green Terrace

Pictured: Chilaquiles rosas and bizcocho de chocolate

With a variety of plant-based meals, this healthy food joint never disappoints. Their chilaquiles are among the best vegan chilaquiles I've tried, and the meatball panini will blow even the biggest meat-lovers' mind. And of course, you can never go wrong with the pizza. Definitely try one of their bowls for a nutritious and colorful food experience. 

It's the ideal relaxing, chic lunch spot. Oh, and they make some pretty awesome pancakes if you're in the mood for a nice brunch. And if you want the best gooey chocolatey finish to your meal, don't forget to order a warm triki-trake cookie for dessert (you won't believe it's vegan). You can thank me later. 

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

2. Vegan Inc.

Photo courtesy of Andrés Aglo

The fancy hot spot is an excellent choice for a nice dinner, with wine, cool drinks, and a vast menu that is sure to impress. Order the fondue entreé for cheezy deliciousness, or the beet tartar for a lighter option. As far as main dishes go, the rustic lasagna and the risotto would have to be my faves. The double cheeseburger and the mushroom pizza are next on my list, along with pretty much the entire menu, which is to die for *heart eyes*. A true culinary delicacy.

Visit them here (and here if you live in Mexico City) and check out their Instagram.

3. Taller Vegánico

Photo courtesy of Taller Vegánico

If you're looking for a vegan restaurant with a great ambiance, and a little bit of everything, Taller Vegánico is an excellent choice. A place with yummy salads, tortas, tostadas, sandwiches, burgers (the arab falafel burger is a fan-favorite), soups, breakfast options, and their wide selection of tacos, even the pickiest eaters will find something that fills their cup.

The salsa bar is also a nice touch, which makes adding a little (or in my case a lot) spice to your food a whole lot easier and fun. As the first vegan restaurant I ever went to, back in the day when being vegan was not even the slightest possibility in my mind, it holds a special place in my heart – and my stomach. 

Visit them here and here and check out their Instagram.

4. Casa Macro

Laura Rodriguez

Pictured: Desayuno Macro (black beans, miso soup, kale, and tofu scramble), tofu and "chorizo" tacos, and molletes (with black beans, mushrooms, veggies, and sunflower sour cream).

This macrobiotic, health-infused cuisine is an irresistible option for a delicious meal. Enjoy your lunch or breakfast on their beautiful patio next to their garden, where they grow most of the fruits and vegetables they use in their meals, or in their cozy indoor area. So not only are their plates well-served and nutritious, but they're made with ingredients that come right from their backyard.

Also, Casa Macro is a gluten-free friendly place. Their take on traditional Mexican food like enfrijoladas, tamales, tacos, burritos, huevo con chorizo, and chilaquiles is 10/10. As if that wasn't enough, they have a store inside where you can find your favorite vegan products, treats, beauty and personal care items, and supplements. Love. 

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

5. VeganWagen

Photo courtesy of VeganWagen

Pictured: Guacamole fakeon burger (look at that guac tho <3)

If you think vegan food is no fun, this restaurant will surely make you reconsider. The perfect place for satisfying your comfort food needs, VeganWagen hits the spot. With a Mexican-American fusion of foods like nachos, chili fries, mac and cheese poppers, and mouth-watering burgers, it's definitely a crowd-pleaser.

This place also cares about using the highest quality ingredients: non-gmo and organic, supporting local products. An all-around winner with classics like mac and cheese and traditional-style tacos, you'll never get enough of this healthy spin on fast-food. 

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

6. La Oveja Verde

Photo courtesy of Oveja Verde

Pictured: Rosca de tacos

In the mood for amazing vegan comfort food classics? Check out La Oveja Verde, the ideal option for days when you want to step aside from the salads and superfood smoothies and have your childhood favorites like chili dogs, cheeseburgers, quesadillas, and other Mexican delicacies like pozole, gringas, piratas, campechanas, tacos, and unbelievable casseroles.

Say I if you need this rosca de tacos in your life. I x 1000.

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

7. Revolución Verde

Photo courtesy of Revolución Verde

Pictured: Torta de chilaquiles

People that are vegan or vegetarian in Monterrey: add this unbelievably good restaurant to your list. Find all your favorite "antojitos mexicanos" and at very accessible prices, just a few minutes away from Tec de Monterrey. The Mexican taquería style of this restaurant definitely gives it that authentic feel, and the smell of the fresh guisos is unreal. 

When you stop by, make sure to order the mole guiso, the eggplant barbacoa, and the incomparable torta de chilaquiles (pictured above). 

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

8. Vegetarian

Photo courtesy of vegetarian

The long-standing vegetarian location has become a staple for healthy food in Monterrey. A place with typical vegetarian breakfasts like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, molletes, conchas, and a great deal of other dishes, it's always a good option. They are vegan-friendly as almost all their meals can be veganized *orders the vegan cheese*. 

It's also a vegan/vegetarian supermarket, where you can find a wide array of health products and supplements. As a vegan or vegetarian in Monterrey, you are sure to satisfy your food needs at Vegetarian. 

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

9.  Vida Atemporal

Photo courtesy of Valeria Anaya

Thought you'd miss out on the delicious taste and texture of buffalo wings and sweet and sour asian-style chicken as a vegan? Vida Atemporal is here to prove you otherwise. Their cauliflower wings, along with their delicious burgers and baja tacos will no doubt be your next go-to food picks.

This restaurant offers top-notch eats that taste as good as they look. Totally insta-worthy. 

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

10. The Food Bouquet

Photo courtesy of The Food Bouquet

Pictured: Double chocolate cake

If you or a vegan friend are celebrating a birthday or any special occasion – or are just in the mood for a sweet treat – The Food Bouquet has got you covered. This all-vegan bakery features favorites like key-lime pie, carrot cake, milky-way cake, oreo cake, fruity pebbles cake (!!), gansitos (called vegansitos – cute), and many other beautifully decorated desserts.

Fun game: buy a cupcake, give it to a non-vegan and don't tell them it's vegan. They'll never know.

Visit them here and check out their Instagram.

Now that you've seen all these incredible vegan/vegetarian food joints, it's time to get out and try the incredible variety of the best vegan dishes Monterrey has to offer.

I know there will be situations where you'll go to non-vegan restaurants with your friends/family/partner, so I'll mention some conventional places that offer good vegan/vegetarian options so you're not stuck eating fries and salad or end up ordering a bunch of sides all the time: Kampai, Nikkori, Temakita, Vasconcelos, PizzaRev, La Estelina Pizza, Vasto, Nectarworks, Peace and Love, Brugge, HolyCow Burgers, Orson Burgers, Mucha Matcha, Tacos Uff, Kebabes by Lahm, Fusion Wok, Subway, Panem, Frida Chilaquiles, Silvano's, Trust Organic Food, and many more that I probably haven't been to yet. And shoutout to Blendr Juicery for the best juices, smoothies, kombuchas, cold-brew coffee, snacks, and vegan fudgy cookies. You the real mvp <3

Monterrey is slowly but surely becoming a more vegan-friendly place. Being vegan or vegetarian in Monterrey has never been easier.