The first three words that pop into mind when I think of Seattle are coffee, food, and rain. Of course, there's no street corner without a coffee shop and the number of food options is endless. So, fill your wallet and check out where to eat around Seattle University. 


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Only a quick walk from campus, Stumptown offers a full espresso bar, brew-by-the-cup offerings, and pastries. Sit down and relax in the chill and calm atmosphere.

Distance: A 5 minute walk from school. 

Cost: $

Sweet Iron Waffles 

Sweet Iron’s plain waffles can be topped with any number of toppings, depending on what time you want to eat at. Go from berries and syrup in the morning to bacon and brie for lunch. 

Distance: 1.1 miles. Bus is only a 15 minute ride. 

Cost: $

Oddfellows Cafe 

A quaint and spacious cafe that you have to try. What they offer: an array of sandwiches, salads, drinks, and pastries. 

Distance: 10 minute walk.

Cost: $-$$


Dick's Burgers

Now if you haven't been to Dick's Burgers yet, where have you been? The first step to becoming a true Seattlite is to enjoy the extremely cheap burgers and fries at this classic joint. 

Distance: 0.8 mile

Cost: $

The Lemon Grass Restaurant

Lemongrass features traditional southern Vietnamese cuisine, pho, and plenty of vegetarian options. 

Distance: 4-minute walk. 

Cost: $-$$


This diner offers so much food that I don't even know where to start. They've got waffles and homemade biscuits to salads and sandwiches, and finally burgers and short rib roasts. 

Distance: 10 minute walk.

Cost: $$



Specializing in the spicier, more aromatic flavors, SOI offers a menu of Issan style food, with explorations of the 5 different regions of Thailand. Seriously, check this place out. 

Distance: 7 minute walk

Cost: $-$$

Newport Poke

Fan of Poke? The build-your-own format that offers bowls with your choice of bases, proteins, and a variety of toppings. And a cool mentionable side note: You have the option of adding Falmin' Hot Cheetos to your dish. 

Distance: 2 minute walk. 

Cost: $$

Nate's Wings and Waffles

Honestly, wings and waffles should be explanation enough. 

Distance: 6 minute walk. 

Cost: $-$$


Shug's Soda Fountain 

If you're into classic shake shops and ice cream parlors, you're going to love Shug's. I've always been into retro shops, so Shug's is my personal favorite. They offer ice cream and sundaes to shakes and floats. Although it is little ways away, you will not regret stepping foot in this place. 

Distance: 1.7 miles. The bus will take 20 minutes. 

Cost: $

General Porpoise Donuts

This isn't your "normal" type of donut shop. Of course, General Porpoise makes amazing donuts, but only one type: filled. They're just too good not to try. 

Distance: Just a 6 minute walk from campus. 

Cost: $

Frankie and Jo's

Frankie and Jo's are 100% vegan. The really cool thing about this place is that they use plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers as their ingredients.  

Distance: Only a 7 minute walk from school. 

Cost: $

There's a lot of options to choose from, so I hope you take advantage of Seattle's amazing cuisines and work your way through them all.