As an IU student, going to at least one tailgate is practically mandatory. It's part of the college experience, especially at IU, where a lot of people are more excited about the tailgate than they are for the game. 

Who can blame us, really? Tailgating is great - there's an abundance of food and booze, and - more importantly - it's an excuse to drink during the day. 

But when the tailgate is over and you're either coming home from the game or waking up from a nap, you're going to be hungry again. Sure, you could heat up a pack of ramen (and you could even get fancy with it if you want), or you could avoid having to cook and clean up after yourself and just go out. 

Here are the best places in Bloomington to eat after the tailgate, depending on what kind of weekend you're having.

When your parents are in town:

Janko's Little Zagreb

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Mia Mastandrea

Janko's Little Zagreb is known for their colossal steaks. It's the perfect place to grab a bite of something that will soak up all the cheap beer and unhealthy (although delicious) tailgate food. 

Uptown Cafe

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Uptown Cafe serves upscale Cajun and Creole food, as well as pasta and steaks. If you want to take your parents somewhere classy yet casual enough to go to after a tailgate, Uptown is a go-to.


FARM prides itself on local, natural food. As proof of this, they make their own ketchup. And you know what goes well with their ketchup? Their fries. Get an order of them for the table — you'll regret it if you don't. 

When you're ballin' on a budget:

Naughty Dog

What's cheaper and more filling than a hot dog? Naughty Dog has vegetarian options, too (like the dog pictured above — according to Naughty Dog, it's completely vegan). If you want more than just a hot dog, don't worry — they have amazing fries and other sides.

The Big Cheeze

Grilled cheese is perfect for any occasion. It's quick, filling, easy to eat and delicious. Try their Cheezy F. Baby if you're feeling adventurous, but their plain old grilled cheese is equally as tasy. 

When you're

rallying for a night of more drinking:

Scotty's Brewhouse

Scotty's has seriously good burgers, but everything else on their menu is delicious too. You can keep the tailgate vibes going by ordering a beer here, too — it's called Scotty's Brewhouse for a reason. It's the perfect place to pregame for a night of more drinking. 

The Tap

The Tap arguably has the best fries in Bloomington. With the variety of dipping sauces they come with, they're hard to beat. While the fries are a must-try, their other food (and beer) is just as good as the fries. 


Kilroy's is known for their breadsticks. Stuffed with pepperoni and cheese and smothered in butter, they are truly a thing of beauty. They are perfect for soaking up all the alcohol you drank at the tailgate and prepping you for a night out. 

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of where to eat after tailgates, go out to the tailgate fields and drink like a champion.