It's getting to that time of the year, when love and romance are in the air. At the University of Arizona, it's no secret that there are amazing restaurants around campus. Why not indulge in various cuisine with your significant other? When it comes to picking out a place, most couples seek an intimate setting without breaking the budget. Here are my picks for where to celebrate Valentine's Day in Tucson.  

1. La Cocina Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best for having a great atmosphere with a comfortable patio. With artistic, painted wood as well as a tree flooded in lights, it adds that special ambiance to your intimate night. Not only is this restaurant known for its' fresh cocktails, but it also has an abundance of friendly staff who are ready to make your night special. Noted for their unique take on dishes, such as vegetarian friendly dishes, this is definitely a spot to consider. Come here if you are looking for a colorful, lively environment to enjoy with your significant other. 

Menu Suggestions: Smoked Salmon Penne, Chicken Tacos, Lemongrass Coconut Curry

2. Illegal Petes

oil, salad, vegetable
Nicole Pon

Immediately when you enter Illegal Pete's, there is a laid back ambiance to the food joint. With artsy decorations on the walls, and smooth wooden tables, it's easy to feel relaxed. With more options than the traditional 'bowls, tacos, and burritos', you are sure to get satisfaction from the affordable cuisine. Come to this restaurant if you want a delicious meal without a lot of pressure on the date.

Menu Suggestions: Chicken Rice Bowls, Beer Battered Fish, Chicken/Beef Taquitos

3. Hub Restaurant

gravy, sauce, french fries, cheese, poutine
Betsy Kaplan

Being a cult favorite for years, The Hub Restaurant is a great date spot with an exquisite menu. This restaurant is a little more upscale, but the quality is shown in the ingredients and the presentation. With lively, hip music and a youthful crowd, it's sure to impress even the most skeptical date. The best part is that it's right next to its' cult favorite ice cream store. Come to this restaurant if you want a traditional candlelit dinner, without worrying about nosy customers. 

Menu Suggestions: Pasta Bake, Farmer's Salad, Veggie Burger

4. Obon Sushi & Ramen:

If you and your partner feel like trying something a little different, this is the perfect getaway. With fresh and savory ingredients, there are a variety of refreshing dishes that are custom to the traditional Japanese diet. Come to this restaurant if you're feeling like an adventurous option, in a classy environment. 

Menu Suggestions: Monster Roll, Pork Belly Steamed Buns, Tonkotsu Ramen

5. Wilko 

If you're feeling like being healthy and you want to stay put together and clean, this is definitely a great place to go. Not only is it within walking distance of the University of Arizona campus, but it is also fairly affordable. With a great ambiance, and a plethora of sandwiches and healthy salads to try out, your date is bound to find something delicious! Come here if you want to take your date out to a classy, clean dinner, but you don't have a car. 

Menu Suggestions: Nocera Superiore Sandwich, Sonoran Bratwurst, Chunky Med Salad

So, what are you waiting for?

It's time to stock up on some great romance spots with your significant other. Book a dinner date, get glammed up, and prepare yourself for a perfect night. It's time to get romantic in Tucson! 

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