New Girl is an iconic show that has a cast of diverse, hilarious characters. I will admit I have seen this show about 300 times, but that doesn't stop me from laughing at the same jokes over and over. I think I would fall over and die if the cast of New Girl came to Gainesville, so just in case, I have this article prepared.

Jessica Day

Jess is a bubbly, outgoing teacher who upkeeps the positive vibe throughout the show. She is never embarrassed to embrace her true self and will gladly be caught loudly singing at any time of the day. Satchel's shares that same goofy, quirky atmosphere. At their restaurant, you can choose to eat in a greenhouse, in a bus, or under a plane. Overall, it is an inviting environment that I think Jess would love to be a part of. 

Nick Miller

Nick Miller, our favorite bartender. His favorite things are beer, TV, and moonwalking. Although he seems to be a little lost in life, he brings a heavy dose of sarcasm and witty comments to the group. Due to his laziness, Pizza By The Slice is the perfect place for Nick Miller. All he has to do is stumble out of the nearest bar and spend just a couple dollars on a hot slice of pizza. God forbid his dinner costs more than $5.


Schmidt, the “top dog” of the apartment, is known for his overly confident, yet comical personality. He thrives around women and wants more than anything to be successful. He has a certain manic charm that keeps the group on their toes. Just like Schmidt, Dragonfly is over the top and well-loved. If you want amazing sushi, this is your place. I have no doubt Schmidt would order the most outrageous items on the menu.

Winston Bishop

Winston is a character that grows on you. He loves his cat, Ferguson, puzzles, and a good prank. His personality could be described as oblivious and goofy, making you wonder if he’s joking or not. The Top is a restaurant that is like no other. You literally can't go wrong with any menu choice. Winston is an extremely unique character, which makes him a perfect candidate for this restaurant.


The biggest sports fan of the show. If he isn’t being a personal trainer or a gym coach, he is most likely Coach would be found at no other place other than The Swamp. His intensity and love for competition would make him fit right into this atmosphere. All he needs is a beer and a basketball game and he will be as happy as can be. Swamp is a place for sports lovers, just like Coach.

Cece Parekh 

Cece is an easy-going, charming model. She is Jess’s BFF and Schmidt’s dream girl. Cece takes her personal and professional life very seriously, usually making decent choices. Just Salad is a new joint that has opened up right in Midtown. It has plenty of delicious, healthy options that anyone would enjoy. Knowing Cece cares for her health, I think she would definitely check this place out.