Nothing makes a human happier than sipping the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate as they take a stroll through the snow. Now that it is beginning to get chilly outside, we must discover what establishment can place that perfect Hot Chocolate in our hands. Take this quiz to find out where at DU you should be ordering your Cocoa.

  1. What is your favorite Winter treat?

  2. What did you do when you saw the first snow of the season?

  3. If you were to build a Snowman, what would your Snowman be wearing?

  4. What does your dream hot cocoa taste like?

  5. What is your favorite winter movie?

  6. What is your favorite chocolate brand?

  7. Which DU Building would you be?

  8. What "extras" do you put in your hot chocolate?

  9. What is your favorite Winter accessory?

  10. What is your favorite drink other than Hot Cocoa?