If you're anything like me, you grew up being envious of the grand feasts that take place in the Great Hall at Hogwarts and the endless supply of magical sweets the students had stashed away. You would've done anything to walk through the streets of Hogsmead, spend half of your savings on candy at Honeydukes, then hit up the Three Broomsticks with your friends for a pint of Butterbeer. Our dining hall food can't even compete. But, maybe Harry and his friends get the occasional craving for muggle food. Below is a list of the character's go-to spots around TCNJ.

Harry Potter: Eick

I'll admit, Eickhoff Hall doesn't come anywhere close to the Great Hall at Hogwarts. But, every student steps foot in there at least once and Harry and his friends are no exception. Harry would enjoy the constant bustle of students and the multitude of food stations as he discusses the latest Quidditch match with his friends.

Hermione Granger: The Lib Cafe

First thing anyone should know about Hermione is that she loves the library. She'd spend all her time on the fourth floor, isolated in a single-study cubicle, buried in notes and textbooks. But, even a genius like her has to eat. She'd slip down to the library cafe and grab herself a quick, pre made sandwich and a large coffee to get her through the rest of her studies. By the second week of classes, the barista has her order memorized.

Ron Weasley: TDubs

Ron's well known for his love of all things food. No doubt he'd get those late-night cravings and head to TDubs. His constant visits means he'd most likely be the student that runs out of meal points a month into the semester and has to rely on meal equiv until Christmas break.

Ginny Weasley: Panera at Campus Town

Ginny may have a tough and rugged exterior, but she's got a soft spot for the people she loves, especially her family. Whenever she's missing Mrs. Weasley's home-cooking, she heads for the local Panera. The warm soups and fresh-baked pastries make her feel like she's back home at The Burrow.  

Draco Malfoy: Traditions

Draco grew up with house elves doing all of his work for him. Of course he would frequent Traditions, the only place on campus that has a hostess and waiters. He'd eat every meal there, never once worrying about points. We all know he'd have the highest meal plan anyway.

Luna Lovegood: The Lion's Den

Everyone loves Luna for her sweet nature and her adorable quirks. Someone as unique as her would love the customizable options The Lion's Den offers. She'd have the time of her life customizing her own burger or pasta dish. No two dishes would ever be the same with Luna.

Professor McGonagall: The Ed Cafe

Professor McGonagall just wants a quiet place to drink her tea and grade some Transfiguration essays. The Cafe in the Education Building is perfect for her. It's located on the outskirts of campus, so it's never packed with students. She may run into a few of her students there, but she doesn't mind talking to them. She's never too busy to talk to some aspiring teachers and give them a few pointers.