Colorado College isn't necessarily known for its wide variety of on-campus eats, but combined with a few close off-campus restaurants, we seem to fare quite well. However, for our favorite students at Hogwarts, their options are much more limited. If they could brave the crush of Muggles during Pasta Bar prime time, here is where every major Harry Potter  character would eat at CC. 

Harry Potter: Colorado Coffee

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Jami Harrison

Harry hasn't always been known for making it to meals on time, or actually eating them, for that matter. During 4th week, you'd surely find Harry half-asleep in line trying to get some coffee before that dreaded Transfiguration double-block final. Everyone would be trying to talk to him, but also getting mad that he was slowing down the line. 

Ron Weasley: Benji's 

Laura Santi

Ron is always ready to eat anything, and as the one trying to avoid conflict, he'll likely suggest going to Benji's. With better lines during the early dinner rush, he can get a cheeseburger for the 3rd time this week, or maybe get chicken wings on the one magical day that they have them. The tables are big enough for Hermione to bring her homework and Harry will be late because he has to stop to talk to his Quidditch teammates in line.   

Hermione Granger: Susie B's

Hermione would already know the best place on the 4th floor of Tutt to do all of her work, but she would have also befriended everyone at Susie B's. Their selection of real food and coffee offerings is enough to keep her going through any 4th week and she's be as frustrated as the rest of us that they aren't open on Saturdays and most of Sunday. 

Ginny Weasley: C-Store

On any weekday night, the first place to look for Ginny would be in the C-Store with all of her friends. In true Weasley fashion, Ginny will buy all of the snacks and offer them to anyone who needs or wants them. She would also be an avid poster in Food Finder because she knows about and goes to every club event. 

Hagrid: Rastall

Julia Gilman

Hagrid would be the one professor in Rastall who students didn't avoid eye contact with and actually ate with. Everyone would know that Harry was there because Hagrid would stand up and wave to him, even though he's significantly taller than the basketball boys. Every day, Hagrid would invite anyone to join him over several servings of the global dish.   

Dobby: The Preserve

Laura Santi

Dobby is a free elf. The Pasta Bar or Macaroni Bar are perfect for him. There are no rules and you can have as many or as few toppings as your heart desires. He is small enough to squeeze between the displays to get to the cashier and he will definitely save an indoor seat for Harry. 

Dumbledore: Wooglins

Laura Santi

Dumbledore has been at Hogwarts longer than anyone can remember, and Wooglins has been at CC for forever. The old timers can be found there and Dumbledore would join them for a cup of coffee and to greet students as they came in. Dumbledore's presence is as comforting as Wooglins on South Campus.

Draco Malfoy: La'au's 

Draco is always out with Crabbe and Goyle so he'd likely be found sitting outside of La'au's and trying to scare anyone who comes in through the weird ally. With its large portions and free drinks for students, Draco would make La'au's his home away from home. 

Even though campus is small, our favorite witches and wizards would surely fir right in, even without pumpkin juice in Rastall. Make sure to channel your inner Dobby at the Preserve and make a new friend at Rastall like Hagrid.