Grubbing: eating heavily like you have never seen food before. You do it, I do it, your math GSI probably does it and even those specs you’ve seen on the Big House field, aka Rashan Gary or Jake Butt are doing it, too. Some may consider Ann Arbor a city made for late night eats, but for many athletes, AA is full of places perfect for a post-game reward.

After some investigative research into a couple of Michigan’s beloved sport teams, I found myself a list of new places to try. Chances are if you step in at the right time you could be meeting a future Olympian, NFL or NHL star, who knows? Without further ado, here's where Michigan's athlete's love to grub: 

Football: The Brown Jug

This team really threw me a curve ball, as I assumed that our football players love hardy, big eats whenever they can get them. But the truth is Michigan football players have an extremely strict diet and a team of dieticians behind them. Quinn Nordan, freshman kicker who red-shirted this past season admits, “The eating we generally do is at the Schem” where I learned they mostly stick to a protein-based diet.

Nordin did admit that when the boys do need to go out, they hit the Brown Jug, saying, “it's a great atmosphere and always has a ton of seating. You can really get a bang for your buck at the Jug”. What would Quinn Nordin Order? A double chicken salad. Can’t say I would do the same.

#Spoontip: The Brown Jug is notorious to be an athlete hot spot on Sunday nights.

Swimming: Dom Bakery

As one of the most aerobic and calorie-burning sports, swimmers know how to eat and even better grub. When I asked freshman Butterflier, Vanessa Krause, she instantly responded in excitement “DOMS”. A 24-hour donut shop, she admits they are “so good”and “so cheap”. This is consistently a post-practice craving, and a place where the team comes together to enjoy the satiating fresh donuts (in addition to bonding over the deathly yardage they just endured). 

Hockey: Mr. Spots

A simple and easy answer for Forward Hockey Starter, Jake Slaker, although he does admit that Neos and Chipotle are close runners-up. Not much of a cuisine preference here, anything from a steak-sandwich to pizza can be the cure for a starving hockey player. 

Lacrosse: Piada

Quite often they get "training table" after practice for dinner, but as far as grubbing, Avery Myers admits Piada is a beloved spot. Lilly Grass nodded her head in agreement, while slipping in the fact that the girls and boys teams both cannot resist the ultimate temptation of a Ben and Jerry's run every so often.  

Cheerleading: Rod's

Calling all football players — these girls are going to teach you how to eat. Michigan Cheerleader, Meghan Mesojedec, explains that a vanilla collider with extra cookie dough from Rod's is a must. She also said that the wings and chilli cheese fries at Mr. Spots are a classic post-game day go-to, and the Brown Jug's macaroni cheese bites don't even stand a chance of lasting 10 minutes on the table with this squad. 

While this is just a slim look into the lives of the athletes from the 27 NCAA Division I sporting teams Michigan has, there is no doubt that athletes love to eat. Whether you are the ultimate jersey chaser or simply in need of a place that will make you full for a solid 72 hours, use this new list and you may find yourself a new squad to grub with. If I were you, I would roll through hungry.