One of the many things that makes Melbourne so liveable is that no two suburbs are alike—and no two brunch spots are alike, either. From surf towns with green juices to busy cities with black coffee, Melbourne suburbs have it all. No matter where in Melbourne you're from, there's a café out there just waiting for you to fall in love with it.

Brighton: Açaí Bowl and Green Juice

After waking up, walking the short distance to the beach, and spending the morning surfing and doing yoga on the sand, everyone in Brighton refuels with açaí bowls and über healthy green juices. At least, that's what I picture mornings in Brighton to be like. Anywhere else, this would be considered basic—but we'll let you get away with it, Brighton (mostly because we're a teeny bit jealous of your beach bum lifestyle).

Where? Combi

Fitzroy: Deconstructed Coffee

We get it, Fitzroy. You're all hipsters. You listen to indie music no one has heard of and wear overalls and have intimidatingly impressive beards. Why not make your brunch order just as unique as you are? Haters will tell you that a deconstructed long macchiato is pretentious and unnecessary—well, okay, they're not totally wrong. But it sure looks good on Instagram, doesn't it?

Where? The Kitchen at Weylandts

CBD: Smashed Avocado

It's no secret that the avocado-on-toast trend began here, so it's unlikely that you'll find somewhere that does this dish better than in the heart of Melbourne. Every café does it differently, but I'm yet to meet a smashed avo I don't like. While you're at it, why not grab a flat white? After all, that was invented here, too.

Where? Rustica Canteen

St. Kilda: Dippy Eggs and Soliders

Good old St. Kilda: the home of Luna Park and St. Kilda Beach and gelato shops galore—aka every kid's dream. Is anyone who lives in St. Kilda really a grown up? No? Didn't think so. If you're a kid at heart, you'll probably take any excuse to eat like a kid, too. Reminisce on simpler times with a meal of dippy eggs and soldiers, avocado, and bacon—served in an egg carton because #Melbourne.

Where? Stepping Stone Melb

Collingwood: Classic Diner Food

Collingwood is one of Melbourne's oldest suburbs, so an old school, tummy-filling, American diner meal is fitting. Chicken and waffles, pancakes, fried eggs, bacon—diner food knows no limits. Go on, just order one of everything (with extra butter)—you know you want to. 

Where? Bedford St

Just like the people who live here, Melbourne's brunch options are super diverse and all totally awesome. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and brunch.