I have always had mixed feelings about eating at new restaurants. On one hand, it completely stresses me out. On the other, I absolutely love the feeling of being "adventurous" and getting out of my comfort zone. 

Located by AJ's NY Pizzeria, I recently tried this new restaurant with my friend, and it was a great experience for both of us. So here's what you didn't know about Hi-Lo in Aggieville.

Samantha Albers

By the Slice or the Whole Pie

Samantha Albers

Holy pepperoni. This place knows pizza. Looking through the menu, I wasn't very sure what to get. 

They have choices of pizza ranging anywhere from The Big Apple (pictured above) to buffalo chicken, from jalepeño popper to even a grilled cheese pizza. 

You can order it by the slice, which I am thankful for that decision, because I know I wouldn't have even made a dent into a 14" or 18" whole pie.

Choices on Choices

Samantha Albers

Hi-Lo has simple menu with many choices. Besides the pizza and cheese bricks, Hi-Lo also has several other options on their menu. 

They have the "build your own" pizza option, as every pizza joint should have. But they also have the healthier options of salads.

Another tidbit of what you didn't know about Hi-Lo in Aggieville is they also have what they call "cheese bricks," which are cheese-stuffed rolls of bread. These might just give the yeast rolls at Texas Roadhouse a run for their money.

They also serve cheese bricks stuffed with pepperoni, just in case you are craving pizza but don't want to get the big slice or a whole pie. 

Milwaukee Roulette: Ages 21+

Samantha Albers

As many of the restaurants in Aggieville serve alcoholic beverage, this place is keeping up with that trend with their very interesting and gambling-like, "Milwaukee Roulette" option on their drink menu.

In this type of roulette, they will bring you any type of beer that is next to come out of the roulette machine. From cheap beer to the higher-priced beer, you are taking a gamble when you choose this menu option, which could make the experience either bomb or a bust.  

"Hi-Lo is a great place to go get pizza with a really fun and unique atmosphere, and I can see it really taking off and growing in the future," said Ashley Fitzsimmons, senior in agricultural communications and journalism.

If you haven't tried Hi-Lo yet, and you really love pizza and places with laid-back and fun atmospheres, then you should make this place your dinner plan for the night. I would definitely give this place double thumbs-up. It's also open late in Aggieville during the weekends for those late-night and early-morning walks back home.