From pizza fanatics to mess haters, everyone has, at some point or the other, exploited the buy-one get-one free offer, more popularly referred to as the BOGO, offered by La Pinoz. The Chandkheda outlet, since its opening, has put everyone's dietary and budgetary plans out of whack.

Most of these people have one objective in mind when planning a trip to La Pinoz- their Cheesy-7 Pizza, often described to me as a beautiful amalgamation of several types of cheese and the most perfect piece of food to ever exist. For those who hate too much cheese in their food or have had the Cheezy 7 way too many times, don't give up on La Pinoz just yet.

Here's my experience trying out some of their other popular pizzas:

1. Cheesy Mac Veg

Do you love Mac n Cheese? Imagine it on a pizza crust, with the perfect amount of cheese and actual pieces of macaroni. This dish is the ideal Italian food, fully of cheesy goodness, not full of conflicting tastes like the Cheezy 7, but one that feels effortlessly tasty. The baby corn, capsicums and olives are a pleasant addition and the pizza is not too spicy, with a slightly sweet taste.

2. English Retreat

This was one of the most feel-good pizzas I’ve ever had. Not very spicy or heavy, it has a thin layer of baked cheese with olives, red paprika, tomatoes, capsicum and cottage cheese scattered about. The cheese jalapeno dip complements it quite well too.

3. Paneer Tikka Butter Masala

The perfect pizza for those who love Indian tastes on pizzas and one of my personal favourites, this is a spicy-enough pizza with paneer tikka butter masala on a thin crust. This pizza will ALWAYS leave you wanting for more.

4. Peri Peri Veg

Another pizza for those who love Indian tastes on pizza, but not quite. The spicy underlying sauce is without a doubt the most finger-licking part of this dish. Added to that is a layer of cheese and mushrooms, capsicums, olives and cottage cheese cubes that blends well with the sauce and what makes the dish so popular.

5. Yuan Special

A relatively new addition to their menu and highly recommended by the restaurant, I was a bit disappointed when I had this. Both Chinese and Italian are delicious cuisines, but a mix of both, may not always turn out well. The pizza’s crust contains a layer of schezwan sauce so strong it overpowers every other taste and there are better pizzas here that you'd rather order.