Every Spring, EPCOT's International Flower & Garden Festival (over at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL) goes into full bloom. The entire park is covered with Disney-themed topiaries, has live bands every evening, offers garden-based tours, and sells small plates inspired by the season around the World Showcase. There are so many yummy offerings to try, but it's pretty much impossible to try all of them on a single day trip. If you find yourself wanting to know what items you can easily fit into the day's menu, check out these six foods and drinks from this year's Flower & Garden Festival.    

1. Violet Lemonade

From the endless pictures on Instagram to themed merchandise, this drink has quite the following. But, it's really worth the hype. The Violet Lemonade is a non-alcoholic, frozen dessert/drink which balances sweet and sour flavors perfectly. The hints of violet and it's frozen composure make it very refreshing on hot days.

You will find the Violet Lemonade at the Pineapple Promenade kiosk. It goes for $4.25 a serving. 

2. Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer

The Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer is served on top of steamed rice and is finished with a coconut-lime sauce. All of these ingredients make a dish that's reminiscent of flavors of the islands. It's a great "entree" to choose when you're in the mood for something meaty yet light. 

You will find the Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer at the La Isla Fresca kiosk. It goes for $7.00 a serving.

3. Damiana Flower Margarita

Brittany Kinney

One of the stand-out features of any EPCOT food festival is the alcoholic drinks, and the Damiana Flower Margarita is certainly worth the try. It's blended with damiana flower liqueur, Blanco tequila, agave nectar, and citrus juices. The drink is served on the rocks with a Black Ant salt rim. Try drinking it without a straw to bring out the sweet and salty combo.

You will find the Damiana Flower Margarita at the Jardin de Fiestas kiosk. It goes for $10.50 a serving.

4. Frushi

Olivia Stultz

The Frushi is another popular Festival dish that is totally worth the hype. Fresh pineapple, strawberry, and melon are rolled together with sweet coconut rice. Whipped cream, a berry sauce drizzle, and toasted coconut are served on the side for dipping. If you want to get the full Frushi-eating experience, try this one with the chopsticks offered at the cart. 

You will find the Frushi at the Hanami kiosk. It goes for $5.95 a serving.

5. Beef Tenderloin Tips

At the point where you just want something meaty? Try the Beef Tenderloin Tips: they're served with a mushroom bordelaise sauce, whipped potatoes, and garden vegetables. This is a hearty dish full of comforting flavors. 

You will find the Beef Tenderloin Tips at the Northern Bloom kiosk. It goes for $6.75 a serving.

6. Cookie Butter Worms and Dirt 

Olivia Stultz

Not gonna lie, I was actually quite skeptical about this one, especially when I found out it was a drink. However, the Cookie Butter Worms and Dirt is probably one of my new favorite drinks/desserts at F&G since it's super chocolaty and just fun overall to drink. It is a non-alcoholic cookie butter/chocolate "milkshake" topped with crushed Oreos and two gummy worms (I guess the ones in the picture were a bit shy??)

You will find the Cookie Butter Worms and Dirt at the Flavor Full Kitchen kiosk. It goes for $4.25 a serving.


EPCOT's Flower & Garden Festival runs from March 6 to June 3, 2019. As previously mentioned, there are plenty of food and drink options to choose from, which makes it great for varying palettes. Want to see the rest of the menu? Check it out here