Chances are your first priority when going to The Rat is to get drunk after (or before) class. But once that happens, make sure you leave room to try out any (or every) of these signature dishes.

No-Yes Fries


Photo by Katie Cruz

The Rat’s famous “No-Yes Fries” are an unparalleled crowd favorite at UM. For only $6.49, you’ll find yourself drowning in a sea of cheddar, bacon and ranch, all flowing gloriously over a basket of golden fries just waiting to be eaten by a student as hard-working and well-deserving as yourself.

Say “No” to the guilt and “Yes” to the side of ranch.

Mac and Cheese Bites


Photo by Katie Cruz

Words to live by: If you like it, try it fried.

The Rat took this motto to heart when creating the “Hecht Mac and Cheese Bites”. These warm, gooey triangles of perfection oozing with creamy mac and cheese delight will only set you back 6 bucks. Honestly, there is nothing more to say about these little fried bites of heaven other than if you don’t like them, I probably don’t like you.

RAB Wing Basket

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#SpoonTip: If you can look as hot as her eating these, you’ll win free wings for a year (hint: it’s impossible). 

Sometimes, after a long day of class, maybe a few tests and even a paper, the only thing that can cure your unhappiness is a fat basket of Wings. The Rat understands this need and has found a solution.

Next time you need a little extra lovin’ (purely platonic), you can pop a squat, grab a cold one, and order the RAB Basket of 8 Wings for 10 bucks. That should put the smile back on your face.

Buffalo Chicken Salad & Flatbread

I asked for a salad and they gave me a huge freaking salad #propstotherat

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Buff-Chick is a classic drunchie combo. So The Rat said, “Let’s take some big ass chicken fingers, add some hot sauce, some ranch, and throw that shit on a flatbread” (Not a direct quote, unfortunately).

Even if you’re on one of those adorable temporary health kicks, you can still get all of the same goodness over lettuce (good for you).

Oh, and since you probably spent most of your money on pitchers already, why not make it $7. The rest is sticky-finger history.


Cheese, Chicken, Veggie, Buff Chicken, Steak, or Mini Chicken and Bacon Ranch- Take your pick.

Whichever you fancy, you’re sure to pick a winner. Is there anything better than bread and cheese, no matter how it comes? Whether it’s a Grilled cheese, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, or Quesadillas, it’s a combo that will always win.

Quesadillas as pretty as these deserve some respect, so slow down, dammit.

Canes Mozzarella Stix

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Again, do you like cheese? Bread? Happiness? If you answered yes to any of the above, we have a crowd-pleasing appetizer specifically for you. If you didn’t answer yes to any of the questions, I seriously worry for you.

Start your meal off with these $5 mozzarella sticks, pair them up with a pitcher, and you’re on the road to success.

“Rat” Chop


Photo by Katie Cruz

Behold, the “Rat Chop.”

For all you Chicken Kitchen, curry-sauce-loving people out there, The Rat has decided to #bless you with their own version. When something this good is only $8 for a full portion, and $5 for the half, it never disappoints. It’s simple, yet incredibly satisfying.

Plus, with ingredients like rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and chicken, feel free to load on the curry sauce, guilt free.

Student Life Milkshake

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DISCLAIMER: There is no Kale in The Rat Milkshake. Only dairy, sugar, and syrup. You can sleep easy tonight knowing that.

We’ve all heard about the milkshakes at the baseball stadium being heavenly, but let’s be real, baseball games mean big crowds, which mean long lines, and lots of people we don’t want to talk to. So why not just stop #AtTheRat in between classes for one instead? There we can sip our shakes in peace, as we glide effortlessly alongside the lake, far from any bleachers or foam fingers.

And seriously… these milkshakes are FIRE and only 5 bucks. Rumor has it, Kelis wrote Milkshake after having one from The Rat, but hey, you know how pesky those rumors can be.

Cookie Sundae


Photo by Katie Cruz

When you combine a warm molten chocolate chip cookie cup that is ever so graciously drizzled with chocolate syrup, with heaps of vanilla ice cream, what do you get? Heaven.

This cookie sundae is definitely one of the Rat’s hidden gems.

I mean, if the picture doesn’t do it justice, do yourself a favor and spend the 6 dollars to get this heavenly treat yourself. You deserve it.