If you're looking for the perfect place to grab authentic afternoon tea in London with a bit of a twist, I've got a little secret for you. Sketch London is tucked into the side streets of Mayfair—blink and you'll miss it.

After hopscotching into Sketch, prepare to fall into Wonderland. If you didn't make a reservation prior to your arrival, they have a quirky library lounge to chill out in while you grab a drink and a light bite to eat. The Summer Blush (orange and strawberry) juice is a perfect choice to cool off from walking around London. 

beer, tea
Savanna Kiefer

If you have a reservation, you'll  be dining in one of several rooms with different aesthetics. My personal favorite was the Gallery because it was prim and proper, covered in pink plush, but with some hilarious doodles on the walls.

tea, cake, beer, coffee
Savanna Kiefer

The other rooms were garden themed and very green, while the bathrooms are a sight to see on their own. The toilet stalls themselves are shaped like eggs, and the ceiling is covered in rainbow-hued panels. It's a Sketch tradition to take a bathroom selfie with all of the bright colors, so of course I participated. 

beer, cake, pizza
Savanna Kiefer

Afternoon tea consists of a heaping of delicious choices. At 45 English pounds per person, afternoon tea is a little steep in price, but you get a lot for the price tag. Your server starts off the dining experience by taking your tea order, which can get quite overwhelming with their large selection, but I chose a classic jasmine green tea.

Some of their more interesting tea flavors included the Iron Buddha (floral and mineral flavors with a tart undertone). You can also order champagne along with your tea for an additional cost (so you'd pay 57 pounds instead of 45). 

coffee, tea, espresso
Savanna Kiefer

After the drinks are delivered, a tower of treats land on your table with an assortment of sandwiches and desserts of all kind—tarts, cheesecakes, eclairs, and more. Afterwards, if you weren't already full enough, they bring out more cakes and scones.

Savanna Kiefer

The best part about Sketch was the relaxed environment. The staff didn't rush you into ordering too quickly, they didn't bring the bill while you were still eating, and they encouraged you to stay for a while. I enjoyed looking around at all the funny images on the walls while sipping my tea and sinking into the cozy pink chair.