So what do we like to eat at the Skidmore Spoon Chapter when we are not in Saratoga Springs NY? I asked our members to tell me their favorite #Hometowneats that they are looking forward to  this summer. So you want to know what some of your favorite campus foodies are going to be eating (and probably posting on Instagram)? Check out this list of our summer faves! 

1. Shanghai Noodles, Wuji 

I absolutely cannot wait to eat Shanghai Noodles from Wuji in Greenwich, CT. They are the best thing ever! I always order extra dishes to take home and eat as leftovers.

2. Moonstones Tapas 

My favorite restaurant is Moonstones in Chelmsford MA. They serve global tapas (small plates) and I love everything there.

3. J.P. Licks Coffee Cookies 'n' Cream 

Lately, I have definitely been craving some Coffee Oreo ice cream from J.P. Licks. It is a great cold and creamy treat for the summertime, and super chocolatey!

4. Dou Wha

I am looking forward to having tofu pudding/ Dou Wha, which is soft tofu made with soybean. In Taiwan, we often eat with a variety of sweet toppings such as cooked peanuts, adzuki beans, tapioca, mung beans, syrup and so on. In the summer, you can also eat with shaved ice. 

5. Rubio's Tacos

I absolutely love Rubio's tacos in San Diego, CA. They have the best fish tacos served with a secret sauce which makes the tacos better than any other!

6. Milkcraft Bubblecone 

I can't wait to go to Milkcraft! They serve really interesting ice cream flavors in bubble cones, which are essentially enormous, warm waffles. My favorite flavor is cookie butter blue! It's delicious and will turn your entire mouth blue.

7. A Poké bowl from Pokéworks 

From Somerville, MA.

8. Frank Pepe Pizza 

I'm excited to eat my favorite pizza ever in Fairfield, CT!!  

Coal oven-roasted red pepper pie from Frank Pepe's in Danbury

joebeone on Flickr

9. Miss Shirley's Monkey Bread 

Miss Shirley's in Baltimore has the best funky monkey bread it's marked as an appetizer but it's an entire meal in its self, and you'll have left overs. A Miss Shirley's bunch day consists of being stuffed on Delicious food, feeling like you can't move, a nap, and waking up that evening and finishing the leftovers for dinner because no one wants to cook.

I am sure some of us can't wait to go home! But we will definitely miss Saratoga when we leave. Look out for more of our #hometowneats on our instagram, and make sure to check out the articles we post over the summer! Now get out that sunscreen folks!