Realizing my freshman year at WWU is coming to an end inspired me to share a place in Bellingham that has a special place in my heart, the Bellingham Community Food Co-Op

The Co-Op has a long history in Bellingham. It first opened in 1970, and since then the business has moved three times and expanded notably in size. 

"Our Co-op and the food co-op movement have been a powerful part of positive, social and lifestyle changes."

- The Co-Op Staff

This statement is influential to the Bellingham community by starting a wellness movement for people to enjoy and learn from. I believe it also reflects the foundation of Western Washington University for the better by providing resources for students to reach not only the community at Western but the community surrounding Bellingham and beyond. 

Sophie Miller

Through the sliding glass doors there is a sense of busyness and uplifting vibes that flow around the store. If you've never been to a Co-Op before, you're missing out. 

Here are some of my favorite products that can be found at our local Co-Op:

If you love tea, you're in the right place.

Sophie Miller

The first thing I was drawn to while walking through the Co-Op was the variety of teas they have to offer. There is packaged tea as well as bulk tea, with an array of options to accommodate any tea fanatic who walks through the doors. Above, I picked out butterfly pea flowersbeautiful when brewed and mixed with lemons

Time for a sweet treat!

Sophie Miller

These Organic Crispy Snack Bars are delicious and a great organic alternative.

If you're looking for a cold, fruity treat to cool down in the upcoming summer days, these strawberry lemonade popsicles are the perfect colorful snack!

Sophie Miller

Is natural skincare and wellness your thing?

Sophie Miller

The Co-Op has one of the best selections of essential oils that I have found in town. Some of my favorite to use in my dorm are rosemary when studying, peppermint when reading or chilling out, and a mix of lavender and orange when sleeping. 

Essential oils are a great addition to any home, with even greater benefits. Every essential oil provides different benefits which include helping with different types of infections, balance your hormones and provide uses for homemade cleaning or beauty products.

There are Co-Op staff members who will answer any questions you might have about essential oils. If you're interested in natural products, cruelty-free beauty or learning the importance of your skins health, take a trip to the Co-Op.

Get your green(s) on

Sophie Miller

Eating your veggies is important, and it doesn't have to be boring! The self-serve lettuce in the Co-Op's produce department is easy, and uses less waste than the alternative plastic containers. Have fun with your salad and make it colorful with all the fruits and veggies the Co-Op offers such as red and yellow bell peppers, avocado, and roasted sweet potato. Yum!

Vegan or dairy-free? No Problem.

Sophie Miller

If you have a particular diet restriction, it is likely that the Co-Op has what you need. Their vegan and dairy free section is a great place to find all the things you need. A few of my favorites are the Go Veggie vegan parmesan cheese and So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. Visiting the Co-Op is also a great way to discover alternatives if you're looking into changing your diet. 

Sophie Miller

Located in the heart of Downtown Bellingham and only a five minute bus ride from campus, the Co-Op also offers a list of resources, like classes and events. Some classes and events coming up in the next couple weeks are, Best Chinese Home Cooking, Laughter Yoga, and Soil Biology. Their website is the best place to find all the information about what there is to offer.

We are looking forward to seeing what you find! Post on Instagram or Facebook and tag #bhamco-op or @spoon_wwu to share your Co-Op experience with us.