Cheba Hut is known for their amazing "toasted" subs, but what customers have yet to discover are their incredible munchies. The munchies can range from Flamin' Hot Cheetos to all sorts of Rice Krispie Treats. You have no idea what you're in for, so I'm here to give you a sneak peak. Here are my five favorite munchies Cheba Hut has to offer.

1. Goo Ball

While the name sounds repulsive, the taste is the complete opposite. The Goo Ball contains Rice Krispies, honey, coconut, and marshmallow, making it my absolute favorite munchies at Cheba Hut.

2. Apple Jacks Treat

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Betsy Kaplan

Ever thought of trying Apple Jacks with marshmallow instead of milk? Well, Cheba Hut thought of it first and thank god they did. This munchie is one of a kind if you're an Apple Jacks lover like myself.

3. Captain Crunch Treat

Not a fan of Apple Jacks? Don't worry, Cheba Hut offers another delicious spin of the classic Rice Krispie Treat. The Captain Crunch treat is just as good.

4. Toke Balls

While you may only be able to find these in certain Cheba Hut restaurants, they surely taste as good as they look. With all the Pokemon Go craze, Cheba Hut decided to appeal to its customers by repping the latest trend. These munchies include marshmallow and Rice Krispies. "Try to toke them all."

5. Chocolate Rice Krispie Treat

Last but not least, Cheba Hut offers the classic chocolate Rice Krispie treat. You truly can't go wrong with this munchie, unless of course, you're allergic to chocolate, and in that case, I send my condolences.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're stoned or not, these treats are delightful. While they aren't the healthiest, they are pretty cheap and well worth the drive or walk over to your nearest Cheba Hut. Why not treat yourself? I'll be waiting for your inexplicable response.