When it isn't game day, most OU students are lit by their glowing computer screens or slammed with homework. On average, an American college student spends 4-7 hours studying a day. However, thanks to our President David Boren, The University of Oklahoma offers an array of study spots where OU students can study or procrastinate at.

Popular on-campus spaces include the Great Reading Room, the Union and Bizzell Library. But the endless studying (or lack thereof) takes a toll. Stop, drop and rally to these mixed drinks depending on your favorite OU study spot. 

The Great Reading Room – Cocktail 

Those who study in the Great Reading Room mean business. Drop a pen or chew gum too loud and you will receive callous glares from fellow students. Silence is mandatory and sanity is optional. Although often serious and tense, students from the Great Reading Room can mix work with pleasure while drinking a sophisticated cocktail. Channel your inner Donald Draper after a study session.  

Union – Spiked Sprittle 

Whether you are eating Chick-fil-A in the food court or basking in the sun outside, the Union has numerous study spots. Like the name implies, the Union is the place to mingle, socialize and maybe get some studying done. Usually sociable, chatty and involved, Union-goers have a pep to their step and know what's happening.

Sip on a spiked Sprittle from the popular Norman eatery Classic 50's Drive-in. With a splash of vodka, this local favorite slush-alcohol combination is the perfect mixed drink to transition from studying to partying.

At Your College – Margarita 

You stick to what you know, or maybe change your major a couple times. Either way, a margarita is always suitable. Like a margarita, students who study at their college buildings have the option of changing the flavor or staying loyal to a favorite. Flexible or firm, margs are the mixed drink that always satisfies. 

The Bookmark – Kahlúa with Coffee 

What keeps you up at night? For students who frequent the on-campus coffee shop, it's homework and caffeine. Study hit-spot during finals, The Bookmark fills the Bizz basement with coffee aromas and soft beeps of the expresso machines. Students drawn to this mellow, techy atmosphere need a Kahlúa with coffee. This drink is the perfect pick-me-up after hours on the grind. 

The Stacks at the Bizz – Rum Punch 

The stacks are where you go when you want to make stacks on stacks of cash. If you spend a majority of your time studying on the first floor and basement of the Bizz, then you need a rum punch. Like rum punch, there is a slight buzz or chatter amongst the stacks, but a sudden punch of stress and to-do lists can hit you out of nowhere. Be ready for a sudden change in pace with this mixed drink. 

Outside – John Daly 

If it's a sunny day, you can expect students to study outside. The fresh air, bright sun and bird chatter make for a relaxed atmosphere to get work done. Get sun-drunk and actually drunk with a spiked Arnold Palmer, otherwise known as a John Daly. The refreshing tea-lemonade-vodka combination complements the lax atmosphere of the great outdoors.

We all know school is strenuous. It often results in hours with your head in a book, hand cramps, exasperated shouting, hair loss and even fatigue. However, with OU's beautiful campus and facilities, studying comes with a view. Look forward to these mixed drinks after a long study session, class or exam. Drink like it's game day.