Everyone has their own individual personality and characteristics that define them, and the same can be said about food. There are certain foods that define Penn State University that every Nittany Lion out there knows and loves. 

Here's what type of iconic Penn State food you are based on your dominant personality type:

Sociable: Chicken Basket

Nothing screams "game day" more than the infamous chicken basket. Those warm, crispy baskets full of chicken fingers and fries are what game day is all about. Chicken baskets are the staple of Beaver Stadium and embody the spirit of Penn State football. 

Like the infamous chicken basket, you're fun and like to have a good time. People like your spirit and ability to get along with anyone and everyone. You're the loudest fan in the crowd and have no problem being tossed up after a touch down. You are a true Nittany Lion!

Chill: Creamery Ice cream

If there's one place that puts Penn State on the food map, it's the Berkey Creamery. The Berkey Creamery, or simply called "The Creamery", is home to Penn State's famous homemade ice-cream. From Bittersweet Mint to Peachy Paterno, the Creamery serves us all the creamy, delicious ice cream that makes life at Penn State just a little bit sweeter.

Like the iconic ice cream, you're chill (no pun intended) and down for whatever. Your relaxed personality and go-with-the-flow attitude makes you likable among your peers and easily approachable. 

Just like the Creamery's number one rule to never mix flavors, you tend to stay out of the drama and avoid making trouble. 

Compassionate: Grilled Stickies

Nothing is more comforting and nostalgic than Grilled Stickies. These sticky buns go by the name of "grilled stickies" and have been a Penn State staple for many years now.

These delicious sticky buns have a slight crunch on the outside and a soft interior that leaves you feeling warm and cozy on the inside. 

Just like stickies, you have a warm, gooey inside that shows your love for the world and others. Your concern for others makes you a compassionate person that people go to for comfort. Your simple and encouraging personality makes you shine and well-liked by many. 

Free-Spirited: Pokey Stix

Pokey Stix. Two words that instantly make any PSU student excited. These delicious munchies are from Gumby's Pizza in downtown State College and consist of pizza dough that is smothered in butter and garlic, and topped with a boatload of mozzarella cheese. They're basically like bread sticks, but waaayyyy better.

Pokey stix are the best snack for any student coming back from a night out. They're warm, cheesy, and the experience of eating one is like being hugged. Whether you dip them in ranch, garlic butter, or something else, they will always taste AMAZING. 

Just like a delicious pokey stick, you make a good impact in people's lives and are fun to be around. You like doing things on the whim and don't care about what other people think. You are more focused on the positives in life rather than the negatives, and just live to have a good time.

Narcissistic: Field Burger

Let's be honest, if you're going to The Field, it's for one reason and one reason only...Instagram. From their over-the-top burgers, to their table-sized fries and outrageous milkshakes, everything about this place screams "extra".

Just like the food served at The Field, you like to make an impression. You put on your best front for people and like being the center of attention. You have no problem being in the spotlight. 

There's nothing wrong with being a little narcissistic, everyone is. If you want to go ahead and treat yourself to a nice meal and a cool place, and maybe take a few pics while you're at it, go right ahead. 

Reliable: Canyon Pizza

Picture this, it's 1 a.m. on a Saturday and there's dozens of kids lining the sidewalk of Beaver Ave, all for what, Canyon pizza. Canyon is THE go-to place for quick, cheap, late-night food. Canyon serves that gooey, greasy, cheesy pizza that everyone wants after a night out. 

Not only are their pizza slices only $1, that's right, ONE DOLLAR, but there is also a huge gong that gets rung if you leave a tip. You haven't truly had the full PSU experience unless you've wandered to Canyon after a night out. 

Just like Canyon pizza, you're reliable and will always be there. Your friends count on you for help and they know that you'll always be there for them. You're not perfect, but you always try your best to be someone that people can lean on and come to during hard times.

You're the dependent one of the group. Any time, anywhere, you'll be there. You consistently show up, which makes a HUGE impact on others. You're a real G.

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