It seems almost impossible to last an entire, hot summer’s day without a spoonful of ice cream. However, if a long day at work leaves you with no motivation to flee to your local ice cream shop, or you’re just trying to avoid that shameful feeling after devouring a whole pint of Ben&Jerry’s to yourself, buy some Halo Top to stick in your freezer! But, what Halo Top ice cream flavor is for you?

Halo Top Ice Cream offers delicious and creamy flavors that range from 280-360 calories per pint and are packed with tons of protein and are low on sugars. 

They even offer both dairy and dairy-free flavors, so you really can’t beat it! I am going to mention the Halo Top flavors that I think are the tastiest and suggest some to fit your most decadent and delectable ice cream cravings.

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If you are not in the mood for any crazy flavors and your taste buds are telling you to stick to the basics, then you are in luck! Although I am not a chocolate ice cream fan, my sister, a trusty chocolate aficionado, absolutely adores Halo Top’s chocolate ice cream. Even better, there is a dairy-free option for this flavor as well. For people like me, vanilla bean reigns tried and true and Halo Top’s recipe is so delicious and tastes just like any other name brand's recipe, but will leave you with zero shame or belly aches. Other yummy essential flavors include mint chip, chocolate mocha chip, strawberry, and pistachio. These simple yet delicious flavors are a staple to keep in your fridge and are guaranteed to conquer those unavoidable ice cream cravings.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to step outside of your ice cream comfort zone, Halo Top offers several amazingly creative and satisfying flavors that will leave you wanting more. If you like citrus sweets, Halo Top’s lemon cake (which also comes in a dairy free version) is perfect for you. This flavor has just the right amount or creaminess and zestiness to provide you with the perfect summer treat. Another fun flavor is birthday cake (which can also be purchased in a dairy free version). If you are a lover of sprinkles and want to treat every day like a celebration, you will live, breathe, and die for this flavor! Similarly, their red velvet flavor, which contains chunks of red velvet cake mixed into a creamy base, is an instant hit for all red velvet enthusiasts. Some other exciting flavors that I highly recommend (which all have dairy free options as well) include peanut butter cup, sea salt caramel, chocolate chip cookie dough, oatmeal cookie, and toasted coconut. Yum!

Even though it seems like I discussed a mouthful of Halo Top’s amazing flavors, there are so many more to try! However, I hope that I was able to narrow down what Halo Top ice cream flavor is for you. So, go to your local grocery store and browse your frozen foods section for these mouthwatering ice creams and have a taste test of your own. Spoon away!

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