We all love food. However college life comes with a packed schedule. Between studying, maintaining a well-balanced social life and the multitude of clubs and responsibilities, making time for a homemade meal can be considered a serious feat.

For those times when you need the food to come to you to keep on schedule, enter: Grubhub, an online list of local take-out restaurants with full menus and prices. And here, for your enjoyment and convenience, are the best restaurants on Grubhub for FSU students. Use the promo code “FSUyummm” to get $7 off of your first order of $15 or more.

This is not a ranking and restaurants are presented in no particular order.

Jasmine Café


Photo courtesy of @jasminecafetally on Instagram

Did you even know your favorite go-to for Asian cuisine delivered?
Well now you can enjoy fresh sushi at home during that finals study stretch all for a $5.99 delivery fee. Check it out on Grubhub here.

Taco Republik


Photo courtesy of @tacorepublik on Instagram

Stuck in the library on Taco Tuesday but don’t want to miss out on the taste bud zest fest? Conveniently order to your liking through Grubhub, check it out here.

Z Baked


Photo courtesy of @zbakedfsu on Instagram

Having a girl’s night in and don’t want to pull yourself away from a movie or had too much wine to trust yourself with a heated surface to bake cookies for yourselves? No worries, Z Baked and Grubhub have got you covered. Order a platter of milk and cookies, brownies, or ice cream. No hassle, just sweet treats all around so you can continue to have a great night.



Photo courtesy of @doorsteptally on Instagram

When you are in the mood for a pita wrap or salad while doing homework before your student government meeting, don’t hesitate to order from Pitaria on Grubhub. With the best review ratings for pita wraps on Grubhub, this should be your new go-to for pita delivery.

Muscle Maker Grill


Photo courtesy of @musclemakergrill on Instagram

Are you gluten-free, vegetarian, or carb-free? Muscle Maker Grill was made with the consumers’ health in mind as well as healthy-eaters dietary restrictions. So if you are in a rush or feeling too lazy to make something, Muscle Maker Grill and Grubhub will help you out so you don’t have to sacrifice taste or a healthy balanced-meal. Don’t forget to use the promo code “FSUyummm” for a sweet discount.