Los Angeles is wildly known for having a great varity of food from all cultures. You name it, American, Mexian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, Italian, Greek - LA has it all. What's even better? There are great people who had the most amazing idea of bringing the food on four wheels and traveling all around the streets to serve us all. That's right. We are talking about Food Trucks in Los Anegeles that you need to try. 

Hold up. Should I trust my food being made on a truck?

I've come across quiet a few people who've been skeptical about their food being made on a food truck. My own mother tried convicing me it was all unsanitary, meaning there are probably other people out there that are questioning the same thing, so it's worth mentioning here.

So, back to the question, are trucks actually safe to eat from? Yes! All food trucks are required to have a license to serve food by law. According to Christie Sweitz, supervisor for inspection in Portland, Ore., says "Trucks are required to follow strict guidelines and they are inspected as often as restaurants." Also like restaurants, they have letter grades. Look for the grade A on the truck to ease your mind. It's totally sanitary!

Stop the health talk. What kind of food trucks are we talking about here?

Here are just a few favorite food trucks that have been highly talked about in the Los Angeles area.

Mariscos Jalisco 

Sasha Padilla

Marisco Jalisco truck serves mouthwatering seafood tostadas, tacos, and shrimp cocktails. A personal favorite would be the deep fried shrimp taco called Taco De Camaron. When having the first bite, you can taste the freshness of the fish, the crispiness of the outer tortilla shell, and the bust of flavor from salsa that pulls all the flavors together for a memorable food expereience.

Their truck is usually parked in the same location in East LA, but if they ever have a change, you can keep updated on through Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

Guerrilla Taco

Sasha Padilla

Looking for a truck serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner? You can count on Guerilla Tacos to serve you everything you may want. They have egg and asparagus tacos, sweet potato tacos, chocolate clams, roasted chicken quesadillas, aqua frescas, and more to quench your cravings for great mexican food. 

Their truck has set locations and times that is posted on their website. If they're planning on serving at an event, follow their Facebook or Instagram page for updates on their whereabouts. Even better, if you miss the time their truck is out, you can go to their multiple restaurant locations located all around LA. 

Carnitas El Momo

Sasha Padilla

They are a small, family owned truck that travels to serve hundreds of plates filled . Who are they? They are Carnitas El Momo. You know when you get a juicy piece of meat and it just melts in your mouth and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because of how freakin' delicious it was? Well, each bite out of these carnitas tacos will do that to you.

You can find out where their truck is located through their FacebookInstagram, or call (323) 627-8540.

Van Leeuwen

Sasha Padilla

Did someone say ice cream? Van Leewen serves both original and creative ice cream flavors like vanialla and strawberry, to their well known flavor "Planet Earth," Vegan Pink Lemonade, California Coconut Crunch, and much more. 

They have two truck locations set in LA that are posted on their website. If they have any special events, you can find out on their website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. 

Ready to Eat?

Now that you've read up on some of the best food trucks around LA, it's your turn to try them out yourself! By letting yourself indulge in exploding, savouring flavors these trucks present in their food, you'll for sure be treating yourself to an amazing and memorable meal.