Walking around UCLA’s campus or Westwood you’ll notice quite a few students holding bubble tea. It’s cheap, filling and most of all tastes great. But, not all bubble tea is created equal. Here’s a list and comparison of all the established boba shops in Westwood. Next time you need your boba fix, you’ll know where to go.

1. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

CoCo’s sticks to what they’re good at – bubble tea. They have other drinks such as smoothies, but their bubble tea is the main event. Arguably the most popular boba shop, CoCo’s has a wide variety of traditional bubble tea flavors as well as customizable amounts of sweetness and ice so it’s great if you have a specific order in mind. If you’re not feeling boba, there are also various juices, teas and coffees to pick from.


Photo courtesy of @cocofreshdtla on Instagram

The milk tea (and other bubble teas) I’ve tried had good flavor, soft boba and definitely filled me up. Service was quick and the price is good, especially for a college student on a budget. Overall, CoCo’s is a great choice if you’re looking for some quality milk tea at a good price and location.


Photo courtesy of @phone.eats.first on Instagram

2. Koala T Café

Koala T is a restaurant that’s open until 3am Tuesday through Thursday and 12am Saturday and Sunday, so if you want your late night boba fix, Koala T is the place to go. Though they mainly make entrees and meals, which are very tasty, their boba is not to be underestimated.


Photo courtesy of @koalatcafe on Instagram

With unique flavors of bubble tea, ranging from traditional milk tea to their Milky Way (which is half and half, condensed milk, caramel, boba and pudding), Koala T is definitely a restaurant to check out if you’re feeling adventurous. Their traditional milk teas are a good, average tasting tea with soft boba. Their speciality drinks are the real treat, and although a bit more expensive they definitely taste great.

If you’re looking to have a quick bite to eat and want bubble tea, or are looking for some boba drinks that are a little bit different, Koala T is a great choice.

3. Boba Loca

A bit further from campus, Boba Loca has been in Westwood for a while. A well known chain around Southern California, it’s known for its boba and milk tea drinks, as well as its other unique blends like milkshakes and fraps that incorporate boba as well.


Photo courtesy of @karenlhay on Instagram

Although their traditional milk tea isn’t amazing, it is pretty good and will definitely satisfy your craving. The real money makers are their frap blends and milkshakes. The boba itself is average with good flavor and texture. The drink itself is pretty good, if not the best available, so if you’re in the area give Boba Loca a try.


Photo courtesy of @erica_elka on Instagram

Each shop has its own strengths and weaknesses, so I’d recommend you give them all a try so you can figure out your favorite. Now go forth and drink until you drop.