I am very passionate about pizza.  I can tell you what kind of pizza is from which region in Italy, I can tell you the best pizza places in Lower Manhattan (so far), and I can make homemade pizza like no other.  So now that I've established my ethos as a pizza connoisseur, I think it's safe for me to make the claim that Kesté Pizza & Vino is whipping up the best Neapolitan pizza in Lower Manhattan.

Kesté Pizza & Vino

In light of just opening up their third location on Wall Street (their other locations are in Williamsburg & on Bleecker Street,) I felt that it was time to shine the spotlight on these pizza-making masters.  Pizzaioli Roberto & Giorgia Caporuscio use imported Italian ingredients and fresh homemade mozzarella on all of their 70+ pizzas, all handmade using authentic techniques.

What are these, techniques you might ask?  How do they get such creamy and delicious mozzarella, you may wonder?  Well you can find out yourself, because Kesté now offers pizza-making classes on-site at their Wall Street location.

Students will learn the art of Neapolitan pizza making through hands-on experience, and will make a variety of pizzas. Each student is provided with the ingredients for two pizzas, a glass of wine or beer, an apron, and a goodie bag of Kesté cooking school products.

How amazing is that?  Did you ever think you'd be able to learn how to make that *Michael Scott voice* "New York 'slice'" from talented pizzaioli?  

#SpoonTip: If you're interested, email info@kestepizzeria.com for more information about single, couples, or group classes, prices, and scheduling a class.

But WAIT – there's more!

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In addition to just taking one recreational pizza-making class, you can take a three day gluten-free pizza making class, five day Americana or Neapolitan pizza-making classes, and seven or even ten day Neapolitan pizza-making classes, so you can really hone in on the craft.

All of the classes offered can be found here, and don't forget to email info@kestepizzeria.com for more information!