Boca Raton #GIVEAFK

Joining us here on the east coast with fresh ingredients that change with the seasons and bomb-ass flavors is Fresh Kitchen. This newly opened health hub originating from the city of Tampa, Florida is now here offering you a new healthy lifestyle.

spinach, salad
Gemima k. Cadet


At Fresh Kitchen, you get to build your masterpiece by picking and choosing from a wide variety of fresh and high-quality seasonal ingredients, flavorful GMO-free veggies, hormone and antibiotic-free meats and chicken paired with perfectly cooked rice, quinoa, noodles and dressings that'll knock your socks off.

However you decide to build your bowl, with these ingredients you are guaranteed to have a chef-inspired meal that will nourish and energize your beautiful body all day long.

broccoli, shrimp
Jaliyah Dinard


To double the freshness, Fresh Kitchen provides cold pressed juices, teas, and frescas that are prepared fresh daily and made with easy to pronounce ingredients to help you nourish your body on the go. 

Because the give a FK.

Fresh Kitchen is also dedicated to making a difference in their community by partnering with the Boys and Girls Club, Children's Cancer Center and The Teal Recovery Project. Nothing feels better than supporting a company that works hard to put good back out into their communities. 

ale, wine, beer
Gemima k. Cadet
tea, cake, beer, coffee
Gemima k. Cadet

If you happen to be in Boca and in need of a delicious bowl to refuel and get you through your day, stop by Fresh Kitchen.They are open from Monday to Saturday, 11:00 am - 9:35 pm and Sundays, 11:00 am - 9:05 pm, so it'll be easy to get in and get what you need to thrive.