Spring semester is full of a variety of emotions: some people are struggling and others are stuck in a fest-and-spring-break-only state of mind. Yet others are exhausted and just want to graduate, while still others are trying to take in every last experience Athens has to offer. Let's navigate this revolving door of emotions and I'll prescribe the burger and milkshake from West 82's burger bar to get you through the remainder of the semester to May. 

Kayla Rosengarten

Struggling to Function: the Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese Burger with a M&M shake

Or, if you are Jonathan Van Ness, you are "struggs to func, honey". Spring semester is a lot; here at Ohio University, the weather is freezing rain and snow for most of the semester. Classes are generally harder and there is no big holiday to anticipate. For months of spring, it is dark when you wake up and dark soon after you leave your last class, and you are simply struggling to function. I get it. My advice? Take a break, indulge in the comfort food of bacon, macaroni and cheese, and M&Ms in your ice cream. It's been a long semester, and as the queen of Queer Eye would tell you himself, you need to practice a little self-care every once and a while.

"I Don't Want to Graduate" : Bobcat Cheeseburger and Chocolate Milkshake

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Christin Urso

If this is your last semester on Ohio University's campus, then you are likely conflicted in your feelings. Senioritis is basically a diagnose-able disease so the feeling of being so close to finishing your degree can be relieving. Yet, it is so hard to leave Athens. Everything about this little town holds a special place in your heart. The people here have done so much for you and you'll never forget your time as a Bobcat. With the bittersweet feelings of parting your alma mater, I recommend sticking with the classics of burger and milkshake pairings, the Bobcat cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake. 

Anticipating Summer Sunshine: Wild West Burger and a Matcha Milkshake

If you are chugging through the semester, looking forward to summer weather, you deserve a meal that matches your state of mind. A matcha milkshake is a refreshing treat for the warm days of the semester, where everyone breaks out their shorts and sunglasses. The grilled peppers, onions, and jalapenos topping the wild west burger will surely remind you of summer cookouts and even warmer days. 

Stress Mess: Bailey's Breakfast Burger and a Peanut Butter Shake 

You cannot be stressed out at breakfast. It's a fact of life. First, I have never been sad while feasting on salty bacon, fried eggs with creamy yolks, and crispy tator tots. Second, breakfast is (traditionally) the beginning of your day. Mornings are a time to make to-do lists and plan for a productive day. West 82's Bailey's Breakfast Burger is that breakfast-inspired burger, topped with a fried egg and bacon, to enjoy, take a break, and organize your homework and assignments. The peanut butter of the milkshake will fuel you through your to-do list. 

Eternally Festing: Boom Boom Bacon Burger and S'mores Milkshake

Kayla Rosengarten

Fest season in Athens really has no rules. Sure, you'll be arrested for petting the police horse, but when it comes to who shows up and what to wear? Bobcats go wild. So if you are stuck in class dreaming only of your weekends, maybe you just need a little wild put in your week. S'mores are already this delicious treat of gooey, toasted marshmallows, warm milk chocolate and graham crackers. Just try and convince me that throwing those ingredients in a blender with ice cream is not an easy way to shake up your week. This shake paired with West 82's boom boom sauce (think of a Chick-fil-A inspired sauce for a burger) and bacon, I am not sure how you could make a single meal more flavorful and interesting. 

In all honestly, all the food from West 82's Burger Bar is delicious. Whether you try these pairings or combinations of your own, tweet a picture of your meal to Ohio University's Spoon chapter, @Spoon_OhioU