Dear students, faculty, and everyone in the Hunter Community,

As the new president of Hunter College's Chapter for Spoon University, I'd like to give everyone a warm welcome back to the community and content of Spoon University. I'd also like to welcome everyone back to Hunter College as the school year had recently begun back in August. I hope your classes have been treating you well!

This chapter was active back in 2019, which was shortly then merged with other CUNY schools to create our sister chapter, Spoon CUNY. While I do appreciate them and all the wonderful work they've been doing, I thought Hunter needed its food publication back to help foster a new community of food lovers!

I really am blown away by the support and love that we are currently getting from the community. Back in August of this year, I never expected that we would have such an amazing group of people backing us so soon. The team and I are genuinely so grateful to everyone for their support.

We have a boatload of events planned for this year. From competitions to live streams to fundraisers, there will be no shortage of events to unite the Hunter community over food. My hope was to bring Spoon University back and get a whole new generation of people adjusted and excited to talk about food, learn new things, and make friends.

We want to build and start conversations around food, teach people how to cook, highlight the best restaurants in NYC and build a community around food in Hunter. We also would like to help the less fortunate, and potentially do some giveaways to the homeless communities and low-income families. We're also super interested in doing collaborations and partnerships with other clubs and organizations! We really do want to build a community and foster a sense of unity.

This club isn't just for foodies, however. We're also an organization meant to help college students adjust to living on their own, being thrust into adulthood, etc. If you're a college student that wants to talk about how to best survive the dorms, the crazy dating scene in NYC, commuting from home, moving to NYC on your own from another city/state, or whatever life is throwing at you right now, you definitely can. This organization is meant to talk about the highs and lows of college and we want to capture all aspects of it, not just the culinary parts.

As for those culinary parts, we are thinking of doing food crawls in different neighborhoods, highlighting restaurants in the city, and helping students shop on a budget. We want to help the average college student in NYC find ways to save money while also being able to survive. Food is a pivotal part of all our lives and it should be celebrated in every way. Whether it's making a meal at home with your family, baking with your friends, or making dinner by yourself, that's something that should be celebrated.

And of course, my wonderful team and I are always here able to communicate with you whenever you need us. Our Instagram, discord server and email also provide you with more content and a place for you to communicate with fellow food lovers if needed.

I am honored to welcome you all back to Spoon University, and I am so excited to have so many events with you all. See you all very soon.


Victory Ogunnaya