This past July, I visited my roommate who lives in Cleveland and was exposed to some of the great qualities and characteristics of the city. A lot has happened in Cleveland in the past year; the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals and Trump made an appearance at the Republican National Convention.

Based on my own personal experience, I have compiled a list of cool restaurants that you should check out if you only have a weekend in Cleveland.

1. Barrio

Do you like tacos? What about margaritas? What if I told you that you could get both for under $10 if you go during happy hour? Barrio is a Mexican restaurant in Cleveland, OH that has delicious tacos and margaritas.

The best part? If you go at 5 pm you can get tacos and a margarita for about $7! You should definitely go here if you only have a weekend in Cleveland. 

2. West Side Market

West Side Market is a market that has all types of food including: crêpes, cannoli, meats, seafood and more. It is a large market that welcomes social gatherings in a friendly environment. It is basically a cornucopia of delicious food that you can enjoy with a big group of friends.

3. Bar 32

beer, coffee, cake, tea
Allie Olivieri

Bar 32 is a bar at a Hilton hotel in downtown Cleveland that opened at the beginning of July. It's on the 32nd floor (hence the name) and overlooks the city. The indoor and outdoor options allow you to see the beautiful city however you want while sipping on some of their delicious drinks. Bar 32 is another place you shouldn't miss even if you only have a weekend in Cleveland.  

4. Mitchell's Ice Cream

In my opinion, Mitchell's Ice Cream is home to the best homemade ice cream in the United States. They have flavors like butter pecan, campfire s'mores, and chocolate peanut butter cup. There are eight shops located throughout Cleveland so if you live in Cleveland, there is most likely a Mitchell's in your own neighborhood.

5. Burntwood Tavern

Burntwood Tavern is home to delicious appetizers, meals, and alcoholic beverages. Enjoy spinach and artichoke dip while also sipping on a Great Lakes Seasonal or a Moscow Mule. This place is relatively cheap and is located in the middle of Crocker Park, so you can enjoy a day of shopping and then a nice meal. Burntwood Tavern is a place you'll regret not visiting if you pass it up on your weekend in Cleveland.