From homemade gnocchi and pesto to divine Tiramisu, Pasta Sisters does it best. Daughter of the executive chef, Giorgia, explains that Pasta Sisters brings years of tradition all the way from Padova, Italy to Los Angeles. Her favorite dish- the Tagliatelle Bolognese- holds a special place in her heart. When she was little her mother used to make it on Sundays since it takes an entire nine hours to cook.  They say that the secret behind cooking the best food is to make it with love, and that is one thing that Pasta Sisters does exceptionally well.

Pasta Making

On a typical day, the pasta making begins at 5 a.m. The trick to delicious pasta lies in the ingredients, of course. Pasta Sisters uses a special flour, which is very fine due to a lower content of ash from the milling process. The flour, like many other ingredients and equipment, is imported from Italy. Giorgia’s grandmother’s Gnocchi is the oldest recipe at Pasta Sisters. The shape and grooves of the Gnocchi are special because they enable more sauce to stick to the pasta (it's all about the details here!). 

Olivia Davidson

We were able to watch the pasta making process in action!  The dough is flattened and cut using this machine.  It eventually turns into really long noodles that spread across the entire table.  

Amy Okada

Giorgia's grandmother wrote down all of her recipes and notes into journals.  These recipes serve as inspiration for all of the recipes that Pasta Sisters uses today! 

Taste Testing (YUM!)

The menu at Pasta Sisters is very simple: choose a type of pasta and choose a sauce. We ordered the Parpedelle with a Porcini Mushroom sauce (mushrooms imported from Italy) and the Tagliatelle with Arrabiata sauce, topped with Buratta cheese. They were both fantastic. The Porcini Mushroom pasta was rich, but not too heavy and the arrabbiata had the perfect level of spice and the generous serving of Buratta cheese on top added a fresh, soft creaminess to the dish (I highly recommend ordering the Buratta). In addition to the pasta, the complimentary focaccia is delicious with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and trust me, I’m a focaccia lover!

Finally, we tried the Tiramisu and the Fritelle- which is a traditional Venetian dessert that is only served during Carnival. Unlike many other, less-authentic, Tiramisus you’d find in the United States, this one was perfectly sweetened with a bold taste of espresso, which they brew daily to make the dessert. The Frittelle was a fluffy doughnut filled with custard cream- sweet goodness!  

Olivia Davidson
Olivia Davidson

In Conclusion, Visit Pasta Sisters

All in all, Pasta Sisters provides authentic, fresh, and delicious dishes- and at an affordable price. If you’re a lover of pasta, bread, or Italian desserts- and who isn’t?-, you must make a stop at Pasta Sisters- a taste of Italy right in the middle of Los Angeles.        

Olivia Davidson

Mother and Daughter, Paola De Re and Giorgia Sinatra opened their Mid City location of Pasta Sisters in 2015 and they recently celebrated the second birthday of their gorgeous Culver City location.