The cat café is a craze that has been slowly making its way across the ocean to the US, and it was inevitable that the idea would thrive in a major food capital like Atlanta.

Java Cats has created a haven not only for cats but for wanderers through the city: somewhere where the coffee is always fresh and strong, the chairs are comfy and soft, and some pet therapy will help you conquer all your summer blues. Welcome to Java Cats: a place where cats, charity and great coffee collide. 

Hold up one second. What is a cat cafe?

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Natalie Gambrell

For those who don’t know, the idea of a cat café originated in Taiwan, but was popularized in Japan. The concept of a place where you can sip on coffee and tea while playing with cuddly cats has slowly been spreading to the U.S.; however, Java Cats is the very first cafe of its kind in Atlanta. 

Awesome! How do I get there?

Natalie Gambrell

This cafe, opened by a former Georgia State student, is located on Memorial Drive, just a 5-minute MARTA ride or a 20-minute walk from campus. It also has free onsite parking.

Hey, this coffee tastes familiar. Have I had this coffee before?

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Natalie Gambrell

If you think the coffee at Java Cats tastes familiar, you’re probably right. Java Cats is partnered with Ebrik coffee room, whose location of GSU's campus is ranked as one of the top coffee shops in Atlanta for their beans. They use these bold beans to whip up lovely cat-themed drinks like their Espurrsso, Catpuccino or Meowchiatto.  

Prepackaged food and snacks are available at the counter as well. The food offers many vegan and gluten free options, and are made by The Gathering, a local charity that teaches homeless people culinary skills in order to help them find jobs in the culinary field.

Now when do I get to play with some cats?

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Natalie Gambrell

Java Cats is divided into two sections: the cafe which serves the coffee/snacks and the cat room, which you can also bring food and drinks in if you wish.

Admission to the cat room is 10 dollars and includes your choice of drip coffee or tea and 1 hour in the cat room. Because of its popularity, Java Cats offers reservations that you can make online to guarantee your spot with your new fluffy best friends, but if they have availability, walk-ins are fine too.  

Is there anything I should know about the cat room?

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Natalie Gambrell

Yes! There are rules posted on the door for you to read that let you know what you can and can't do in the cat room. Basically the main thing you need to know is not to drop the cats, or mess with the cats while they are sleeping. 

When we checked in to the cat room around 5, a couple of the cats had just settled down for a cat nap.

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Natalie Gambrell

But those who were awake were friendly! The room is also filled with toys for you and the cats to play with, shelves for them to jump on, and spaces for you to sit.

Natalie Gambrell

I like it here! Can I move in?

Natalie Gambrell

Unfortunately, no! But you can take a cat home with you. Java Cats is partnered with Atlanta Animal shelter PAWS so all the cats are up for adoption. So if you make a connection with a cuddly friend during your visit, be sure to ask about adoption and you can possibly take a fur baby home with you!

Even if you can't adopt, you can visit with the warm fuzzy feeling that you're supporting local business, charity, and cuddly cats.