Doughnuts have taken the world by storm, from the humble glazed doughnut to extravagant loaded monstrosities that probably need a small army to tackle. With countless delicious variations available in London promising to tempt any taste

bud, why settle for mediocrity? We've sampled doughnuts around London, and we're here with the best of the best, just for you.

Best for Pure Indulgence: Doughnut Time

This Australian chain doesn't do it by halves when it comes to doughnuts, or puns for that matter. With names likes 'Houston, We Have Biscoff' which comes loaded with caramel buttercream and coffee glaze, as well as being topped with a whole lotus biscuit. Definitely one to share with a friend (or not, no judgements).

Best for 'British' Doughnuts: St John's Bakery

Whilst American doughnuts are normally ring shaped and glazed, the more common British variant is filled with jam or custard, which is then delicately dusted with sugar. In London, there is nowhere better for stuffed doughnuts than St John's Bakery, where these timeless classics are filled with a variety of jams or freshly made custard. The daily queues snaking outside of the bakery speak for themselves.

Best for Croissant Doughnuts: Rinkoff Bakery

Whether you choose to call them Cronuts, Cro-doughs or any other variation, simply put, these are pastries made of a croissant-like dough. That means that you end up with a lighter and fluffier doughnut. Whilst the original ones undeniably belong to the Dominique Ansel Bakery, Rinkoff Bakery arguably produces even tastier ones, applying their 100 years of baking experience to produce delicious and inventive flavours such as the 'Salted Caramel & Pistachio' or 'Creme Egg' Crodough.

Best for Vegan Doughnuts: Crosstown

Crosstown offers a wide selection, promising to satisfy any doughnut craving from the tried and true vanilla glazed to more exotic flavours such as sour cherry and stout. But most importantly, they offer a whole specialised selection of Vegan doughnuts. How about a vibrant vegan coconut and lime doughnut?

Best for "The Healthier Option?": Dum Dum Donuterrie

Doughnuts aren't traditionally thought of as a "health food," but at Dum Dum Donuterrie, the unique baking (rather than frying) process at least alleviates some of the guilt of inhaling a couple of these deliciously airy doughnuts. Plus, they even have a giant 10 inch Birthday Doughnut fit to feed any crowd.

With more and more shops opening constantly, who knows? London may soon become the new doughnut capital.