It’s been awhile since I went chocolate crazy and I must say, I don’t think I have to eat chocolate for the next few months after visiting C’ChoColat in Montreal. I totally slipped into a food coma after my visit

C’ChoColat is filled with all things an experimental chocoholic could ever imagine. To give you a little taste, let’s start with this chocolate dome that's been flooding your Facebook timeline for the past few months.

Lui Xia Lee

Just look at it. The warm caramel sauce being poured over the chocolate dome. 

The chocolate dome known as C’Wow is amazing. People from other tables were in awe as they watched the magical C’Wow crumble.

The dome’s got a bunch of stuff in it too so you’ll be getting a yummy surprise. It has a perfect blend of crunch and bittersweet with the waffle pieces, pecan and crumble surrounding it as well as the mixed berries, brownie and gelato. 

Besides the chocolate dome, C’Chocolat has a bunch of other cool desserts too. From artistically-crafted mason jar milkshakes and smoothies to sushi crepes and dessert pizzas.

No joke, the milkshakes look as if they belong in an art gallery. All of them are unique with different flavours and surprises. You can also add a shot of booze from their menu if you’re feeling a bit cheeky.

If you’re planning on having some pre-party drinks, why not try out some of C’ChoColat’s Choctails? The Choctails range in booze types so there’s something for everyone, even if you like hot booze

C’ChoColat is also a great hangout or study spot. It has less sweet options such as tea, coffee, and sandwiches, which will keep you going throughout the day. It’s even located in an accessible area in downtown Montreal, close to several Metro subway stations.

Needless to say, I’ll need to make a trip back to C’ChoColat soon when I return to Montreal to fulfil more of my experimental chocolate cravings.