Recently I decided to check out the Graffiti Market (137 Glasgow Street, Suite 385), a restaurant/market/brewery/ and coffee shop located in Kitchener-Waterloo. This awesome space is jam-packed with everything you could ever need while out shopping. So whether it's cool merch you're after or a nice sit-down meal with a friend, you can get it all at the Graffiti Market. 

I decided to visit the Graffiti Market while my mom came to visit me at school. Both of us were blown away by the place, leading us to believe it is certainly one of the area's hidden gems. The restaurant instantly seemed to be a great venue for big groups as there is lots of open space and plenty of large tables. 

When visiting the Graffiti Market, customers can find a variety of dishes here, from large pasta bowls to homemade pizza and gourmet sandwiches! Also offered are gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. 

Jessica Taylor

Atmosphere 💁

One of the coolest things that the Graffiti Market had to offer was its interactive tables. At these tables, customers can place their orders for food and drinks while having the option to draw, read the news and play a variety of tabletop touchscreen games! Not only is this option perfect as a distraction for children, but it's also a fun destresser for university students like ourselves.

For me, the interactive tables were unique and futuristic! Another cool fact about them is that they are the first of their kind to be used in North America! If you're lucky enough to be seated at an interactive table when you visit the Graffiti Market, be sure to try out their tabletop air hockey and their spray paint drawing feature. However, if you don't get a chance to be seated at one of the interactive tables, no need to worry as there are plenty of TVs streaming great networks including the Sports Channel and the Food Network. 

Jessica Taylor

Besides the restaurant, Graffiti Market lives up to the name and provides customers with a mini-market on the other side of the building. Inside the market, one can find everything from a fun snack, Red Circle branded merchandise such as hats and sweatshirts, even vinyl records (perfect for the inner hipster in all of us). This section is fun to browse around while you are either waiting to be seated, or just waiting for your food

Food and Drinks 🍻

Graffiti Market offers a great variety of both food and drinks. The company has partnered with Red Circle Coffee and through them, the restaurant offers lattes, cappuccinos and cold brew coffee! So whether it's an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage you are looking for, you're covered here. 

Since I was seated at the interactive table, I was able to scroll through the menu at my own pace, and as well see images and videos of the potential dishes I wanted! As well there was an option to see the kitchen in real time, something I had never before experienced at a restaurant. Another fun feature of the restaurant was that all the names of their dishes had hip-hop 'spins' to them which any 90s or 80s babies would immediately catch on to. This was such a fun addition to the menu and really made the restaurant unique in its nature

Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor

Dessert 🍨

Of course, no good lunch is complete without a dessert, and luckily for anyone visiting the Graffiti Market is decked out with a Four-All ice cream counter! Four All ice cream is a small business that is local to the KW region. They offer both dairy and dairy-free ice cream, made up of locally sourced ingredients. They have innovative and unique flavours that are constantly rotating and changing with the different months or seasons. 

My recommendation is to get the ice cream taco! It is made up of two scoops of ice cream, with two toppings (I chose the rainbow sprinkles and edible cookie dough) – all stuffed into a homemade waffle cone taco.

Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor

Dietary Friendly?🙇‍♀️

For all of you vegans, vegetarians or plant-based foodies out there, there is a variety of options for you here. As well, if you are gluten-free, both their pasta and their sandwiches can be modified with gluten friendly noodles and buns if asked for. Additionally, the Four-All ice cream counter offers dietary friendly varieties of ice cream such as their vegan chocolate (made with ingredients such as cashew and coconut milk).

If you have any additional questions about a certain dish and whether it can fit your dietary needs or not, I would definitely recommend checking out the "FAQ" section of their website or just simply asking your server! 

If you go ... 🚘

Graffiti Market is only a 10 minute drive from campus, but it is also easily accessible via the local GRT bus route. The Graffiti Market offers a large parking lot, so if you're planning to go with a large group, there is no need to worry about wasting time trying to find parking.

All in all, the atmosphere, the food, and the amenities were great. And, on top of all this, the staff was incredibly happy, positive as well went above and beyond to help us with anything we needed or wanted to ask.  

If you are looking for something new and different to either take your friends out to or even go to for a date, the Graffiti Market has everything you could possibly need to keep you satisfied and entertained!