Wake Forest Old Golds are the school's pre-determined meal combos available with a dining plan. This past semester, Village Juice (re)added two more meals to the Wake Forest Old Gold menu (they used to be on the Old Gold menu last school year, leaving many students unhappy when they were removed last semester). If you are like me, you tend to stick to the same order in fear another option will not be as good. Hopefully, this article will give you a glimpse into the many Old Golds for you to try in the future! You can also find the full menu here.

1. Miso Bowl:

roasted red peppers, roasted carrots, pumpkin seeds, avocado, nori strips, brown rice, kale or spinach with miso ginger dressing (VG, GF, NF)

Eleanor Rentz

The Miso Bowl is such a unique and complete option on the Old Gold menu. The miso ginger dressing pairs so well with the roasted carrots and red peppers. I also really like the nori strips because they give the perfect crunch to the bowl and the pumpkin seeds for a great source of healthy fat and fiber.

Tip: If you have the time, order this bowl in person and ask for it to be chopped with the dressing mixed. This option is not available through Grubhub, so definitely take advantage of it if you are able to!

2. Farmer's Daughters Bowl:

Joyce Farms roasted chicken, green apple, sweet potato, spiced almonds, brown rice, and kale or spinach with balsamic dijon & roasted carrot vinaigrette (GF)

Eleanor Rentz

This bowl is my favorite option to get for dinner. It has a ton of protein, with the spiced almonds and chicken, as well as healthy carbs with the sweet potatoes and brown rice. I tend to get it with spinach more often, but the kale is also a great choice. The apples are a really refreshing complement to the other ingredients, which makes the bowl super satisfying. The Farmer's Daughter Bowl reminds me of Sweetgreen's famous harvest bowl, if you have ever tried that!

Tip: Like the Miso Bowl, this Old Gold is better chopped and mixed.  This option is not available through Grubhub, so definitely take advantage of it if you are able to!

3. Sunset Smoothie Bowl:

oat milk, pineapple, banana, mango, lime; topped with banana, coconut, goji berries, mango (VG, GF)

Ali McCarthy

I do admit, I have only tried the Sunset Smoothie Bowl a handful of times. That being said, it is a nice option for when it is warmer out and you are looking for something refreshing. It does not have a ton of protein, but I still find that it is pretty filling with all of the fiber from the fruit. 

4. Pinky Swear Smoothie:

oat milk, organic strawberry, banana, date (VG, GF, NF)

Eleanor Rentz

Personally, this is not my favorite Old Gold. The smoothie itself tastes pretty good, but it is not filling or nourishing enough for me to be the whole meal. I like to order the Pinky Swear Smoothie as a dessert after dinner or afternoon snack.

5. Avocado Toast:

housemade avocado spread, local curtido, herb oil, micro-greens on camino bread (VG, NF)

Eleanor Rentz

In my opinion, this is the best new Old Gold option. I used to order the avocado toast all the time last semester, so it is so nice that I do not have to use my dining dollars anymore. The Camino bread is amazing, and I could probably eat this toast for every meal of the day - that is how much I love it. 

Tip: Order through the Grubhub app if you want to add a fried egg for extra protein. This way, it will only cost 1 food dollar (on top of the Old Gold) instead of the full price If you were to order in person.

6. Nut Butter & Banana Toast:

cashew butter, banana, honey (V)

Eleanor Rentz

This is one of the new additions to the Old Gold menu, but it is only an option through the Grubhub app. Otherwise, you would have to use your meal dollars to try it. Again, this Camino bread is to die for, and the fresh fruit pairs really well with it. I love this toast as a breakfast or afternoon snack. It has the perfect ratio of savory to sweet with the cashew butter, which is definitely unique on campus. 

Overall, Village Juice has a wide array of Old Gold options to grab; whether it be as a quick snack or dessert, or a satisfying, healthy meal. Definitely stray away from your typical, routine order for a day and check out some new dishes!