Hidden in the heart of Portland is a Hawaiian getaway without the plane ticket, Wailua Shave Ice.

Courtney Warta

Now, be careful when you say their name. When I first walked into the shop, the first thing that I noticed was a shirt hanging on the wall that said "shaved ice" with a huge X over the D in the word shaved. So it's really said "shave ice," which is a mistake that many of us make and don't even realize it.

Wailua Shave Ice is an amazing spot that serves Hawaiian-style shave ice, while at the same time using only fresh local fruit. They are originally from Kauai, HI and only have other locations in San Diego and Portland. This shop is a quaint little place, with lines that often lead out the door. It is nestled among many other small businesses, right across from the famous Powell's Bookstore.

Inside Wailua, you'll see the bustle of hard-working people and the noise of shave ice being created right before your eyes. Thankfully, the inside of the shop also provides lots of Instagram-able spots to take pictures of your sweet treat.

Courtney Warta

Here is a little peek at the two we chose to get:

Courtney Warta

This time around, I chose to get the Almond Joy (right) and it was AMAZING. Who knew Nutella and shaved almonds could be so good on shave ice?? On the left is the Love Potion, a vanilla and strawberry combination that is equally as mouthwatering.

Next time you're in Portland, don't forget to pay a visit to Wailua Shave Ice. They'll always leave you with a little taste of summer no matter what the season. (Click here to visit their website!)