Coming from New York, Sunday breakfast with my family was a staple in our weekly routine. Waking up to the smell of  waffles and scrambled eggs really jump started my day. But what if someone decided to put a twist on breakfast, like doing waffles with eggs, instead of waffles and eggs? Or maybe even a whole omelet on a waffle?   

Waffles on Maple seeks to put a little zest in your breakfast, providing an intimate atmosphere with some hearty fare. With options for everyone, this place really adds a lot of variety, giving a bunch to your brunch.

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Ian Joselow

Just ten minutes away from Tulane's campus, with another location soon to be in Metairie, this hidden gem draws attention with its adorable exterior of a half-eaten waffle. This little design note is simply a small portion, an amuse-bouche if you will, of the tantalizing creations inside. 

Starting with a small interior, this place provides an intimate setting to catch up with your friends or just have a delicious mocha blend while reading a good book. However, options are abound as the menu is divided into sweet and savory waffles, along with crepes, omelettes, smoothies, and other small pastries. 

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Ian Joselow

Waffles on Maple has the classics, such as banana nut waffles or waffles à la mode, but there are some waffles that take classic ideas even further. For instance, the Strawberries and Cream Waffle with strawberry preserves and a sweetened cream cheese. You also have the Peaches and Cream special–a waffle with sautéed peaches, sweetened cream, and classic New Orleans pecan praline crumble, which I found myself happily devouring. 

Ian Joselow

However, the savory side of things is where the real inspiration lies. A multitude of waffles on the menu bear options such as caramelized onions, melted Gouda, fried mushrooms, and roasted peppers. There is even a waffle covered in feta, basil, and tomatoes, like a breakfast pizza (but so much better). 

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Gillian Bayer

Their crown jewel, however, resides in their Quadruple Bypass Challenge. This challenge consists of eating four Heart Attack Waffles (waffles with two cooked eggs, jalapeños, and two types of cheese) as well as a smoothie in 30 minutes or less. If you succeed, the meal is on the house and you get your name on the Hall of Fame inside. If you fail, you're out $39.99. While I saw that not many people were on that famous wall, many attempts at the challenge can be found documented on Facebook or Instagram.  

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One can also find pictures of their new creations and specials, such as this waffle sampler featured below. This showcases their four most popular waffles: the Strawberries and Cream, the Spinach and Cheese, the Egg and Cheese, and the Strawberry Banana. 

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Ian Joselow

Not only is this place a source to feed all your carbohydrate cravings, it's also kosher and has multiple gluten-free options. If you are searching for the perfect place to take your parents for breakfast or are simply trying to find a hangover recovery spot, Waffles on Maple provides that homey feeling you can only get while shoveling down waffles and eggs. So go and swing uptown to give one of their waffles a try (or multiple–I won't judge).