Here at Virginia Tech, we are known for our football obsession and engineering program, but most importantly: our dining hall food.

But what happens when the dining halls close at, or before, 9:00 pm every night? The only places left are Deet’s (which, let’s be honest, we only go to for coffee and ice cream) and the ever prevalent DX for those who live on campus and are willing to stand in a line that could very well rival that of the infamous TOTS line downtown before 2:00 am.

So, when the dining halls are closed or you’re craving something specific that you can’t find at the dining halls, what do you do? Pick up your phone or open your laptop and order delivery. Now, there are a lot of different restaurants that deliver here in Blacksburg so it’s important to know which Virginia Tech delivery is the best — although, to each their own.

Best American Food: PK’s Bar & Grill

PK's wings!

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PK’s is one of the best delivery places in Blacksburg. They’ve got everything you need when you want classic American food or a sandwich that isn’t from Subway. Their pizzas are great, the wings are agreed to be the best in town, and the food always arrives hot and delicious.

#SpoonTip: It’s $10 minimum for delivery, so stock up on those wings and order yourself an awesome meal.

Must-Have: PK’s Famous Chicken Wings.

Best Chinese: Chinese Kitchen

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The well-beloved essential college food: Chinese delivery. Unfortunately, Virginia Tech is not known for its cultural food diversity when it comes to dining hall foods. The best Chinese in town is Chinese Kitchen, who, despite their small location, always gets your food to you faster than the GrubHub estimate when you order online.

#SpoonTip: It’s $10.50 for delivery, so be sure to ask a friend to order with you or order enough for two meals (who doesn’t love leftovers?). If you live north of campus, they’ll get to you quicker than if you’re down South Main, so be sure to note location when ordering.

Must-Have: Crab Rangoon.

Runner Up: China Inn


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Now, no school is without more than one Chinese food delivery place. Chinese Kitchen may hold the top spot with the highest amount of orders, but China Inn is a heavy-weight competitor.

#SpoonTip: The $8 minimum for delivery is a gem — you can get one larger, more pricey dish or several appetizers and have spent enough to qualify for delivery. If you live on campus or in southern Blacksburg, this is the place to order from — they’ll get to you faster.

Must-Have: Combination platters and the Crab Rangoon.

Best Sushi: Green’s Grill & Sushi Bar

Green’s is definitely the place to hit if you’re craving sushi and don’t want to risk DX or Turner sushi that’s been sitting there all day. As a huge sushi fan, I was really happy to find a place in Blacksburg that served great sushi at a reasonable price. But they aren’t only known for their sushi — their sandwiches and salads are great as well.

#SpoonTip: Order on Mondays for their two rolls (warning: doesn’t apply to four types of rolls on the menu) for $9.99, six nigiri for $4.99, or the free Futomaki upgrade on a single roll (from eight pieces to ten pieces). Order on Wednesdays for the free Futomaki upgrade.

Must-Have: Any of the sushi. Of the sandwiches, try the Shawarma.

Best Pizza: Roma Pizza

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There might be mixed reviews from Tech students on how we feel about Roma’s delivery service, but one thing we all agree on is that their sandwiches and pizzas are amazing.

#SpoonTip: Order the basket sampler to get a variety of different appetizers.

Must-Have: Calzones.

Runner Up: Beast of Blacksburg

Recently opened, the Beast of Blacksburg boasts a large range of house pizzas as well as create-your-owns. They also have wings, breadsticks, and a multitude of other sides. It’s definitely worth at least one order to try out the food.

#SpoonTip: They’re open until 4 am, so if you ever want a really late night snack order from here.

Must-Have: Barbecued Phoenix Pizza.

Honorable Mention: Domino’s


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The Domino’s chain has a close place to many of our hearts, and with its location in Blacksburg it’s like you never left home. You can get the exact same pizza you had on movie nights with your friends.

#SpoonTip: There’s more than just pizza here, this isn’t your childhood Domino’s. The menu now features a multitude of new options.

Must-Have: Pizza, or get adventurous and try the Belgian Chocolate Lava Cake.

Best Value: Benny Marzano’s (aka Benny’s)

First off, Benny’s: Home of the Virginia Slice. If you want a pizza slice bigger than your head, you go to Benny’s. Benny’s is the place to go for cheap pizza — a regular slice is $4 and most people can’t get through more than one.

#SpoonTip: Check out their specialty pizzas of the month for $5 a slice, or order a whole pizza and get $4 off buying each slice individually.

Must-Have: Go for the original cheese pizza.

Drunchies: D.P. Dough

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D.P. Dough, the calzone king of Blacksburg. Almost everyone gets D.P. dough at some point in their college career here at Virginia Tech. And then they go back when they’re old enough to go downtown, in addition to just normally. So many people love D.P. and always enjoy that there’s dessert on top of the calzone selection.

#SpoonTip: Get the calzone of the day for a cheaper price.

Must-Have: Cinnamon Stix.

Runner Up: Jimmy John’s

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The ultimate fast sandwich place, Jimmy John’s is the only place you can get to deliver a single sandwich after midnight. You can order online through their site and customize your sandwich. Remember, that they’ll give you a cup of soda — not a bottle — if you order a drink.

#SpoonTip: “Jimmy Up” your sandwich for extra flavor or get lettuce instead of bread for the same price.

Must-Have: Any sandwich “jimmied up.”

Best Tex-Mex: Moe’s Southwest Grill

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Moe’s is the only place you can get a burrito delivered to you, and that’s what definitely keeps it a step ahead of Qdoba on campus and Chipotle. With all the options for toppings in our Tex-Mex food, it’s no wonder Moe’s Mondays are a big thing for college students who need their burrito fix.

#SpoonTip: Moe’s Mondays has any burrito (not including queso) for $5.99 rather than the standard price.

Must-Have: Burrito Bowl.

Always Remember: Campus Cookies

Campus Cookies: the best thing that can show up at your door unexpectedly. Virginia Tech is one of three lucky campuses to have a company that will deliver fresh baked cookies and brownies to your door. But, it’s not only that, they deliver ice cream and milk (and soda, but that’s beside the point) as well. So you can have all those wonderful baked goods any way you want.

#SpoonTip: Order two of the same cookie and put ice cream in between them for a cookie ice cream sandwich. Also, tell your parents about this, they can send you warm cookies instead of stale cookies in a care package.

Must-Have: Chocolate Chip Cookie.