In the mood for delicious pancakes, cheesy potatoes, loaded omelettes, or even mouth watering burgers? One of Bloomington’s finest, Village Deli, is ready to serve you! With a variety of foods, a funky retro diner setup, and a staff ready to serve, Village Deli is dishing up good vibes and yummy food. 


Village Deli has been in Bloomington for quite some time now, and has become more popular over the years. The restaurant opened close to 40 years ago, at their current Kirkwood location, just a little larger now than when the doors originally opened back in the day. Many years have passed but it has still remained a place for people to come and enjoy some delicious breakfast and lunch items. Some of the biggest challenges of all time hit Village Deli hard over the past year while battling the pandemic. Yet, they quickly learned how to keep their doors open by introducing online orders, delivery, carryout, and catering. The biggest struggle was keeping customers and employees safe but Village Deli made sure to value safety over profit. Since COVID-19, the city of Bloomington has closed off Kirkwood which has allowed Village Deli to expand their seating into the street. How perfect! Nothing sounds better to me than diving in on a stack of pancakes while soaking in the sun, all while people watching on Btown's busy street.

Natalie Jacobi

Village Deli, Soma, and Laughing Planet are all under the same ownership, making the perfect unity of tasty food and drinks within just feet of each other on Kirkwood. The Deli sells Soma’s Cold Brew and Coffee, as well as salsa verde from Laughing Planet. The kitchen manager said "we are all one big family even though we are separate restaurants."  

Pancakes, Paxton Potatoes, and More!

If someone has recommended you go to Village Deli, they’ve most likely told you to try their gigantic pancakes. Regulars love the cinnamon roll pancake or just the classic buttermilk cakes (with toppings of course). Yet a new addition to the seasonal menu are the Tres Leches Pancakes. A 2 stack of buttermilk pancakes soaked in a Tres Leches mixture, and then later topped with whipped cream and dulce de leche. Their cinnamon roll pancakes were a seasonal item that became so popular that they had to add it to their menu permanently! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the same happens with the Tres Leches!

Molly Sawyer

If you don't come in for the pancakes, maybe you come in for the famous Paxton Potatoes. It’s Indiana poutine at its finest and has been named by Food Network as one of the best breakfast foods in the country! Order as an appetizer, side dish, or just your main meal. A perfect combination of home fries, white gravy, cheese, and chives. The definition of Southern comfort, but of course Hoosier style.

Molly Sawyer

Another delicious item that is new to the menu is Huevos Rancheros. A delicious savory meal that consists of fried corn tortillas, black bean purée, sunny side up egg (or cooked to your preference), topped with avocado and served with salsa verde. A fun Mexican flare with the right amount of spice, crisp, and cool.

Natalie Jacobi

Don't forget about their lunch items too! Their famous burgers are supplied from Fischer Farms in Indiana. Locally raised with Hoosier love. Can never go wrong with a burger and fries.

Natalie Jacobi

Seasonal Menu Items

Village Deli is looking forward to introducing rotating item menus that change with the seasons. (Stay tuned for lemon blueberry poppyseed pancakes... YUM!) With a restaurant that has been around for many decades, they are looking to modernize the menu a bit more. They have begun to “propel the menu into the 21st century,” by focusing on seasonal foods to offer the freshest flavors!

They’re located downtown on Kirkwood, and are open til 3PM daily. Cozy up in a booth inside or soak up the sun at an outdoor table. But just don't forget to do as they say. Eat and get out!