Just a few steps past Pi Pizza on the loop, a new Vietnamese restaurant has opened its doors. With a color scheme of hot pink, vibrant green and black, along with metallic decorations adorning the walls, VietNam Style brings an exciting new vibe to the Delmar scene. 

The restaurant is owned by Thao Truong and Yun Vu, a bubbly, friendly couple from Saigon, Vietnam, and the menu is full of family recipes true to authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

What's the scoop?

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Matthew Wenger

VietNam Style officially opened on October 1 in the space previously occupied by Cabana on the Loop. Truong is currently an MBA student at Maryville University, and this is her first business. She has already been incredibly receptive to her customers and has even adjusted a few prices based on customer feedback. The restaurant is also going to start accepting Bear Bucks soon, having recently signed a contract with Wash U.

What can you get at VietNam Style?

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The restaurant has a short and simple list of appetizers, but don't let that fool you. Each one has a unique and authentic Vietnamese twist, like Vietnamese Style Cheese Wraps, which are basically Crab Rangoons but filled with cream cheese, crab meat and quail egg (a common ingredient in Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand).

The menu also offers egg rolls and Vietnamese spring rolls, which include shrimp or beef, rice vermicelli, mint leaves and other vegetables wrapped in rice paper and served with a peanut-based dipping sauce.

Matthew Wenger

The restaurant's signature dish is bo ne dac biet, which is a Vietnamese steak. For just about ten bucks, this dish contains thin slices of filet mignon, served with a sunny-side-up egg, grilled pork patties and sardines in tomato sauce. The dish also comes with a side salad and bread, but the bread can be swapped out with rice upon request. 

I was originally a little wary about the quality of a ten-dollar steak, but it was actually very tender and packed with flavor, especially considering how thinly it was cut. In fact, all the beef used at VietNam Style is filet mignon, adding to the delicacy of each dish.

The restaurant also serves a host of other typical Vietnamese favorites, including banh mi and steaming bowls of pho. 

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Matthew Wenger

In addition to my food, I ordered a very cute mixed berry and avocado smoothie. Fruit smoothies are a common Vietnamese dessert, and all of the restaurant's smoothies are made with fresh fruit, including strawberries, mixed berries, mango, kiwi, banana and avocado. My smoothie was a very creamy and sweet drink, and could definitely be considered a full-fledged dessert. But if you're looking for a less sugary smoothie, just ask, and they'll reduce the amount of sweetened condensed milk added to the drink. Although it was dinner time when I first visited VietNam Style, the place was pretty empty, save for a couple other tables and two quiet waiters. It still had a little bit of the shaky, new-business feel, but just a week later, I noticed a more lively atmosphere, thanks to more experienced waiters and more people starting to hear about the restaurant. The owners were also there the second time I went, and their genuine happiness at people enjoying their food was definitely a major bonus to the trip.

Overall, VietNam Style proves that Vietnamese cuisine is more than vermicelli noodles and pho. The restaurant offers all of its guests delicious, authentic dishes for a very affordable price, and I definitely recommend trying out something on the menu you've never had before because you will not be disappointed.