With convenient locations in Inman Park and and Decatur, Victory Sandwich Bar truly sets itself apart with their dangerously delicious $5 sliders, great music, and iconic Ping-Pong tables. Head over to this epic sandwich joint to hang out with friends or grab a quick bite to eat for a nostalgic, one-of-a-kind adventure.

Setting and Location

Once there, you can seat yourself – grab a comfy booth for more privacy, or sit bar-top and admire the wall of knick-knacks that'll remind you of your childhood. The interior is embellished with all things nostalgic, ranging from trophies and bowling pins to helmets and skateboards. Both Victory Sandwich Bar's Decatur and Inman Park locations boast beautiful, spacious outdoor seating areas - the perfect place to hang out with friends or start a Beltline crawl. If you're not feeling like sitting at tables, grab a Vicnic Basket for only $30, which includes a blanket, sodas, sides, some sandwiches, and head down to the Beltline for a picnic instead. 

The atmosphere is casual and cool, with open garage doors and loud punk rock music. Head over to the back room for some Ping-Pong with friends as you wait for your sandwich to be ready, while you're munching, or as long as you want (they're open till midnight)!


Sitting at $5 apiece, chips included, Victory's tangy sandwiches are seriously hard to beat. Their itsy-bitsy sandwiches are perfect if you're indecisive like me - why choose when you can as many as you want? Here are some of my favorites.


Available only after 10 PM at the Decatur location, this insane sandwich is Victory's take on the Chick-Fil-A sandwich. It's a crispy, savory, fried chicken cutlet topped with tender bacon, lettuce, pickles, and tomato, nestled on a buttery soft brioche bun. I mean, come on. 


If you're visiting before the Vic-Fil-A is offered in the evening, the Beeter is a must-try. Layered with pastrami beets, white kimchi, and spicy thai mayo on toasted rye, this sandwich has an incredible, zesty flavor profile. 


Try the Hambo for a funky twist on a traditional favorite. Crispy prosciutto and gooey mozzarella pair especially well here with apple, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette. Each sandwich comes with crunchy, peppery, thick-cut kettle chips - a pairing made in heaven. 


If you're looking for some finger-food on the side, snag an order of the popcorn flavor of the day! Usually an addicting garlic blend, the popcorn of the day is always a good bet. My friends and I demolished our enormous bowl of Cheetos-dusted popcorn in mere minutes. For another bite-size nibble, snag the Pimento Jar for the bacon jam – the crunchy bagel chips alone are to die for, and taste even better slathered with pimento cheese. 

From their uniquely delicious five dollar sliders to their addicting snacks, Victory Sandwich Bar is sure to impress any visitor. Whether you choose to soak up the lovely weather munching and chatting with friends or work up a sweat getting a good volley going in the back room, Victory Sandwich Bar provides impeccable food and entertainment to make you feel like a kid again.