Raise your hand if you have a favorite coffee shop. I bet everyone reading this did. We all have that favorite coffeehouse where we get that delicious Americano with room every morning. In Seattle, we are definitely spoiled by the myriad of coffeeshops, coffeehouses, cafes, coffee roasters—you name it.

Despite the many choices we have at our fingertips, we rarely venture outside our coffee comfort zone. Here are three great coffee shops in Seattle you probably haven’t heard of. They are definitely worth a visit.

MiiR Flagship


Photo courtesy of @miirflagship on Instagram

Located in the quirky neighborhood of Fremont, MiiR Flagship is a hybrid of a coffee shop, a retail store, and a tap room. Because of its proximity to the Burke Gilman Trail, MiiR is a popular destination for bikers and tourists alike.

Its walls are decorated with many environmentally friendly products such as bikes and water bottles. In the summer, their best-selling coffee is freshly made cold brew that keeps you caffeinated for many more hours of studying, working, or socializing with friends at MiiR.

Ada’s Technical Books


Photo courtesy of @probablymolly on Instagram

Situated in the northern part of Capitol Hill, Ada’s Technical Books is another hybrid of a cafe, a retail store, and a bookstore. It’s a perfect hang out spot to grab lunch, get a cup of coffee, or read a book.

Ada’s has an extensive collection of technical books (science, math, programming, you name it) and popular novels. On the shelves you can also find puzzles, electronic kits, gadgets, and much more to satisfy your geek. Once you are tired of roaming around, get a cup of coffee and sit down at Ada’s creative coffee tables that have maps, compasses, and such.

Elm Coffee Roasters


Photo courtesy of @elmcoffeeroasters on Instagram

If you’re an avid food blogger, you must visit Elm Coffee Roasters. Aside from amazing coffee and delicious pastries provided by The London Plane, Elm’s natural lighting creates Instagram-ready pictures, #nofilterneeded. Located in the historic district of Pioneer Square, Elm’s bright modern interior and wooden textures are so aesthetically pleasing, you might never want to leave. Not empty handed, at least. Elm sells coffee beans, drippers, decanters, and virtually anything else that will make your morning coffee routine more enjoyable.