Grab ‘N Go Market

Possibly the easiest area in Hamilton to ensure that you have a wide variety of vegetarian options is the Grab ‘N Go Market. The salad bar inside of the market offers a build your own salad option, where you can pick and choose all your favorite veggies and toppings while also ensuring there is no sneaky chicken or other meats thrown in. Also in the market, The Gastro Kitchen restaurant serves up breakfast and lunch delicacies mainly, but conveniently offer vegetarian alternatives for most of their menu items. For example, you can snag yourself a breakfast sandwich with vegan sausage or even a burger with a vegan patty! And of course, in the market itself, it is definitely worth a look around, amidst the snack food there are a few fresh fruit options as well as other healthy snack and meal foods such as granola and whole grain rice. So if you'd rather make your own meal or snack there are definitely some things you can pick up here to help you out. 

Mackenzie Mayhack

Big Mouth Burrito

Next up on the list is Big Mouth Burrito, a relatively simple way to enjoy a filling vegetarian meal. Simply substitute any meat with beans, and enjoy the variety of other veggies to put in your burrito. You can also opt for the tacos and easily make them vegetarian by choosing your ingredients each step of the way, same with the Big mouth bowl that you can customize yourself. If you're in the mood for just a quick bite, you can always check out their chips and salsa or get a side of guacamole and eat them with chips if that's more your thing! If you’re looking for a quick lunch spot with guaranteed veggie options this is a great stop.

Mackenzie Mayhack

Fire ‘N Spice Grill

Probably my personal favorite option in Hamilton; Fire N’ Spice offers a make your own noodle/rice dish with the option of having tofu mixed in. I am happy to report that the grilled tofu is 10/10, and I would definitely recommend adding it in. From the baby corn (my personal favorite) to edamame there is unique selection of foods to mix into your meal. The array of sauces such as schezwan, teriyaki and others allow for a different flavored meal each time. This is a perfect meal that you can even incorporate some greens into for a more healthy option.

Common Grounds Café

Common Ground offers a variety of mainly fruit-based foods, perfect for a vegetarian diet. I recently tried the Health Nut Açai bowl and found it was pretty good, for a treat once in a while. There are also smoothies available here with options to add in protein such as chia seeds, which could make for a healthier vegetarian snack. For a dinner option, they also offer a variety of sandwiches, and one that looked especially appealing, that was filled with veggies only. It can often be a challenge to find a sandwich without any meat and this is a great addition to the menu!

Mackenzie Mayhack
Mackenzie Mayhack

So if you're looking for a vegetarian meal or snack, you can be sure to find more than one option in Hamilton. From smoothies to burritos the vegetarian variety is there! Definitely head over and check out each place and all that they have to offer!

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