Although it may look like a hole in the wall from the outside, My Thai Vegan Cafe in Boston’s Chinatown is delightfully comfortable and has a diverse menu. From Pad Thai to an amazing selection of bubble teas, the food would be considered delicious to anyone, whether or not they are vegan.

April 12 (26)

Photo By Grace Stuaffer

My friend and I had trouble deciding on what to order, everything seemed so good and interesting. The menu had many options that included vegan meats varying from ‘beef’ to ‘fish’ (which are all delicious!) along with tofu dishes and plenty of vegetable options.

For an appetizer we contemplated which spring rolls to get, finally deciding on “Poa Pia Tod” which are crispy spring rolls with vegan chicken, vegetables and beans along with some spices.

April 12 (7)

Photo By Grace Stuaffer

Of course we each had to get a bubble tea. We ended up choosing papaya and thai iced tea with boba. Instead of milk they used coconut milk which added a natural sweetness to the tea.

I ordered Nam Pril Kaeng Kari Yellow Curry (number 95 on the menu) And yes, it looks and tastes completely like a non-vegan dish, you will be surprised. Each bite was extremely flavorful containing pineapple, sweet potato, coconut milk, tons of vegetables and mild yellow curry. It was the perfect combination of spicy and fruity, but the best part was the faux shrimp.

April 12 (14)

Photo By Grace Stuaffer

Looks just like real shrimp!

April 12 (27)

Photo By Grace Stuaffer

Another dish that we ordered was  Tom Yum Tow- Hoo (number 55 on the menu). It’s a stir-fried sour and spicy tofu dish with a bunch of vegetables and served with rice. The sauce on it was really good and the meal was a perfect portion.

April 12 (22)

Photo By Grace Stuaffer

Something I wish I had ordered is the Thai half pineapple (a mixture of rice and vegetables and coconut milk served in a pineapple).

They also have a delicious dessert menu with cakes ranging from carrot cake to traditional Thai pastries.

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