One of the biggest concerns people face when considering veganism is their ability to dine out. Where do you go out for dinner with a date? What do you do when parents come to visit and you wanna ball out? Luckily, NYU's campus is littered with vegan restaurant options that will satisfy both vegans and omnivores alike, and we've got recommendations for any and every possible occasion. 

When your parents are in town: Nix

Nix, right next to Union Square, is  a "vegetable-inspired" restaurant by Michelin starred chef John Fraser. It’s got three dollar signs on Yelp, and you should probably make a reservation to get in, but it’s worth it for the tandoor bread (ask for the vegan one, if not it’s just vegetarian)—it’s light, great to share, fluffy, and pairs perfectly with the dips. Also, try the cauliflower tempura with steamed buns & house pickles—it’s fun because you get to make your own buns, and has all the best textures of it being crunchy and soft.

When it's date night: Ladybird

Ladybird is a plant-based tapas restaurant by Chef Daphne Cheng and Ravi DeRossi (they've got Mother of Pearl and Avant Garden too). The ambiance is romantic and warm, with green velvet stools and chandeliers—not to mention ultra-creative cocktails and some mind-blowing vegan fondue. Love is in the air here.

When your friends don't think vegan food is cool: By Chloe

A vegan fast-casual eatery known for their long lines, air-baked fries, beet ketchup, delicious burgers, actually tasty salads, and Insta-worthy shots. The guac-burger is highly recommended.

When you need a quick bite between classes: Sweets by Chloe

When you want to avoid the line at By Chloe, you can right next door to go to Sweets by Chloe. They sell matcha babka, cupcakes, cakes, chocolate almond milk, and the fluffiest cinnamon rolls.Date Night:LadybirdLadybird is a vegetable tapas restaurant by Chef Daphne Cheng and Ravi DeRossi (think: Mother of Pearl, Avant Garden). The ambiance is super cute with green velvet stools and chandeliers.

For dining with a group: Peacefood Cafe

Peacefood Cafe is a fully vegan restaurant, it's spacious on the inside and has lots of great appetizers, dinner specials, and desserts. PSA: get the chickpea fries and add agave + Sriracha to share, and get the strawberry shortcake for dessert!

When you're done with midterms and want to treat yourself: Urban Vegan Kitchen

This place used to be Blossom on Carmine, but it has now evolved into a new comfort food with the best mac and cheese and killer "chick-un" and waffles. It’s pricy, but you just finished finals, so treat yourself.

When you're hungry in WaSquaPa: NY Dosas

Big portions, delicious dosas and chutneys from a food stand in Washington Square Park. There will always be a line during lunch, but it’s so worth it, and, a bonus: Thiru (the owner/cook) is super nice.

When you just did Yoga to the People and feel healthy: VSpot

Right next to Yoga to the People is Latin American comfort food at V Spot with great empanadas, salsa, and arepas. I personally recommend the crispy, creamy avocado fries.

When all the good vegan brunch spots are in Brooklyn: Double Zero

Double Zero is known for its plant based pizza with unique toppings like cashew mozzarella and fennel sausage, but over the weekend, you can get almond ricotta pancakes and florentine Benedict. And of course, there are mimosas.