In high school, my best friend was a vegan.  This meant that every time we wanted to grab a bite to eat, there had to be vegan options. I fully supported her tree-hugging animal-loving lifestyle, but I didn't want it to interfere with my constant desire for pizza and chicken nuggets. Throughout our years of friendship, we were able to find several restaurants that could satisfy both of our diets.

Mellow Mushroom

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Delia Johnson

Pizza is something that almost everyone loves, but finding good vegan pizza can be a struggle. Look no further, Mellow Mushroom has amazing options that will please everyone! They offer vegan Daiya cheese and their pizza dough is vegan too. Just be sure to tell your server that you're vegan and they'll come through. I definitely recommend the Thai Dye Pizza with tofu! You can also build your own pizza so it's just how you like it.


Delia Johnson

This place is a must for veggie lovers in downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale. All of the food is vegetarian with several vegan options as well. Whether your looking for a burger, rice bowl, or some greens, they have it all. Take some of your meat-eating friends and see if they can tell that the burger patties are actually vegan!


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Delia Johnson

Located right next-door, Nami is the sister shop to Green. After grabbing some food, head over for some amazing and 100% vegan deserts. They're known for their soft-serve ice cream made with a soy base instead of dairy. It starts with either vanilla, chocolate, or swirled soft serve and the menu has all different types of topping combinations. If you're feeling adventurous pick the mash where they will add a surprise baked good and other toppings. Additionally, they offer coffee and even breakfast! 

Original ChopShop Co.

Chop Shop is named after its chopped salads, but you really can't go wrong with their sandwiches or bowls either. As far as vegan options go, their menu is filled with choices. One of the popular picks is the super fruit bowls topped with granola. An extensive list of fresh juices are available, made with industrial grade juicers. They are also serious about providing protein options that aren't meat, try their tofu on any salad, hummus between bread, or a variety of protein shakes.

True Foods

True Foods is all about providing an anti-inflammatory diet with vegan and gluten free options that actually tastes good! Their menu ranges from vegetable plates to rice bowls and a variety of entrees. Vegans will love the curry bowl with tofu or the quinoa burger while non-vegans can indulge in pizza! There's something for everyone! 

Cornish Pasty Co.

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Delia Johnson

With two locations in Tempe, Cornish Pasty Co. provides unique pastries filled with goodness like meat and veggies. But don't worry, there are always two different types of vegan pastry options and many vegetarian ones too like eggplant parmesan or cheese and onion pictured above.

Next time you're feeling too lazy to cook, try one of these places. You'll never have to eat another boring salad again!