When I decided to take the jump from vegetarian to vegan two years ago, my boyfriend was concerned about my health. It seems funny now, while I write with a stomach full of pizza that he made. But he was really worried that I would eat just salads and lose a substantial amount of weight.

So I took it upon myself to really show him what being vegan looked like: I took him to Vx London, a vegan place known for serving burgers, nachos, loaded chips, donuts, cakes and everything else you'd expect to find in your favourite burger chain. Yep — I am talking about vegan junk food. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, keep on reading if you don’t believe me.

Last month, I started this series of debunking the myth of "vegans only eat salads" by taking you to an independent café in Hackney. This time, we're stopping just five minutes from King’s Cross Station. 

Vx — or Vegan Cross — was the first 100% vegan shop in London. They proudly define themselves as a ‘vegan junk food shop’ and they also feature a shop in Bristol. In King’s Cross, the place is small and cosy. The walls are full of vegan products on one side, and vegan merchandise on the other. 

wine, tea, coffee, pizza, beer
Andreina Cecchini

Their website features the whole menu, including this Marinara Meatball Sub I had last time I went. I won’t lie, it was an adventure just trying to eat it without covering my face in marinara sauce (psst, I failed), but let me tell you how tasty it was. It hit the right spot during that rainy afternoon. Who said comfort food could only come from animals?

sausage, beef, sandwich
Andreina Cecchini

I also had a piece of their chocolate fudge brownie, which I tried to eat very slowly, savouring every bite. Being quite full from the sub helped and I proudly saved half of the brownie for when I got home. Future-me was very happy of this accomplishment, as the brownie was sweet and dark — just how chocolate should be. 

fudge, brownie, chocolate
Andreina Cecchini

Vx is also a great place to stock up on your favourite vegan foods. The fridges are full of mock-meats, ‘cheeses’ and ice creams. Plus, you can buy many clothing items proclaiming how much you love vegan junk food, and a few from the secret society of vegans!

Better still, they also deliver on ubereats! You really don’t have any more excuses for not trying their products. Even if you’re not vegan, you will not miss the taste of meat — trust me! This place is a 10/10, and my favourite vegan junk food place in London!