So much of college is eating cheap, unhealthy food at 2am. But when you're vegan, this can be pretty alienating. While your friends chow down on pepperoni pizza and chicken tenders, oftentimes collegiate vegans have to sip their waters and be sad. And while IHOP may be open late, their pancakes aren't vegan friendly. Luckily, you can still satisfy your late night munchies with these items from the secret vegan IHOP menu.

1) Hash Browns

Forget eggs and bacon, IHOP's hash browns are where it's at. Check with your server to make sure yours are made without butter, and you're good to go. Personally, I love to order IHOP's hash browns with a side of broccoli, add some salt and pepper, and enjoy my veggie creation.

2) Sautéed Veggies

You don't always have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. Well, you do, but if you order IHOP's Spinach and Mushroom or Garden omelettes without eggs or cheese, you get a yummy plate of sautéed veggies. You can also order their new Red Potato Pepper and Onion hash for your daily serving of delicious. Ask for a side of salsa, and you've got a meal.

3) Fruit Cup

Got a craving for something sweet, but ice cream won't work? Try IHOP's fruit bowl! You can ask for banana in the grape, orange, pineapple, watermelon, and cantaloupe medley, which really gets the party started.

4) Baked Potato

Hash browns not do it for you? Try a baked potato! You get it as a side and put any toppings on it that your heart desires. I recommend onions, salt, and pepper for a yummy treat.

5) English Muffin with Jam

IHOP's English Muffin is 100% vegan, and do you know that means? English muffins all day, all night. The jams on the table at IHOP are also vegan, and I go to town on those jams when I get an English muffin. I want a vegan meal that's jam-packed full of flavor. If you're craving avocado toast, you can also get a side of avocado for your English muffin and make your friends jelly.

6) Salad

Both the House Salad and Citrus Chicken Pecan Salad are vegan - just make sure you ask for the citrus salad without chicken! For salad dressings, the Creamy Italian, Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, French or Catalina Dressing, Orange Vinaigrette, and Raspberry Vinaigrette are all vegan. 

7) Oatmeal

IHOP's oatmeal is vegan, making for a heart-healthy treat. Add brown sugar, bananas, strawberries, nuts, syrup (everything except Butter Pecan is vegan), or any other vegan-friendly goodies you want to punch up your oats. Delish!

8) Fries

IHOP's seasoned fries are vegan, to the joy of every drunk college student at 2am whose just trying to get by in a meateater's world. Shamelessly pig out on fries without any guilt at IHOP, and get your vegan junk food fix.

9) Flavored Coffee

You probably already knew that IHOP's coffee was vegan, but did you know you can get vegan flavored-coffee at IHOP too? All IHOP syrups are vegan except for the Butter Pecan syrup. and with a quick drizzle into your coffee, you can make your caffeine fix extra sweet. 

Hacking the vegan IHOP menu can be difficult, but the results are delicious. While your friends chow down on pancakes, you can rest easy knowing you've got a filling meal too. And who knows? Maybe one day soon IHOP will have vegan pancakes.