Attention to all University of Oregon students and Eugene locals: a vegan-friendly hoagie cart lives just outside of Knight Library, and it is not messing around. A hoagie resembles a classic deli styled stuffed sandwich. Deli meat and cheeses are wedged between two cloud-like slices of bread to make for the perfect comfort dish. Jay's Screamin' Sandwiches sits on a busy main road of the University- Kincaid St. The small bright cart captivated me as I was strolling through campus during a lecture break, enticed by the scents of different spices.   

Marisa Campo

Jesse, the owner, and creator of Jay's has a personality that keeps customers coming back not only for the food but for his infectious kindness. It is not overlooked that he holds a special feeling of Meraki, a Greek word presenting passion into one's art; his being his food. Food tastes better when you know where the source is coming from, and when love meets creativity in every bite, the result is powerful. Not only is his relationship with his customers powerful but cultured in two ways. One being his worldly inspired menu that differs week to week. In the menu pictured above, he has unique themes that he crafts after. Secondly, he has vegan-friendly hoagie options for food diversity. This includes the meat replacements in contrast to his regular meat. 

I ordered the Vegan-friendly Caribbean Jerk hoagie and its flavors were promising. The zest had my mouth watering for more, while the experience was messy and perfect. The tofu jerk surprised me even though I don't necessarily like tofu or it's usual consistency. The marinated spices and shredded meatless meat was to die for. Certain vegan meats are definitely hit or miss and Jesse's nailed it. Each flavor compliments the other while contrasting at the same time. Pictured below is a vegan hoagie that has pickled cabbage, an assortment of bell peppers, special sauce and much more.  

The Caribbean Jerk-Style

Marisa Campo

Being vegan it is important to me to find unique plant-based dishes. Finding a dish that strays away from the basic vegan go to's and incorporates culture and impact is essential. Every week Jesse incorporates a way to connect to his vegan and plant-based customers and students who are looking for something other than dorm food. The vegan option adds equality for meat and dairy-free diets which contributes to a diverse array of flavors as well as customer revenue! Passion is a connection that many aspire to achieve and present. Jesse accomplishes this within his hoagies and Meraki packed personality. 

Stop by Jay's Screamin' Sandwiches and see what this hype is about all while devouring the best local vegan hoagie you can get!